Why salt is bad for your health?

Alex Williams
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  1. Increases heart pressure

    The patients with high blood pressure are suggested for salt’s minimal consumption. As salt is one of the prominent reasons for increasing blood pressure. Furthermore, it can further become the reason for strokes, heart attacks, and heart failures.

  2. Results in water retention

    Excessive consumption of salt in the food you intake can result in water retention in some areas of your body, leading to the giant belly or puffy eyes.

  3. Promotes obesity

    Studies have confirmed that people who intake comparatively more volume of salt in their diet are more likely to get hefty.

  4. Not good for bones

    Salt can make your bones weak as it can erode your bine calcium and may lead to Osteoporosis or thinning of bones.

  5. Increases the possibility of stomach cancer

    More intake of salt can adversely affect the functioning of our stomach. The stomach lining is vulnerable, and it can be damaged in case more salt is accumulated in the body than what is required. It can overall lead to stomach ulcers and stomach cancer.

  6. Kidney problems

    Salt contains high sodium concentration. Due to its high sodium levels, the kidney can experience unpropitious challenges, including different kinds of kidney problems, reducing its efficiency to clean the body, and in worst cases, can ultimately lead to kidney failure. (See How to keep my Kidneys Healthy?)

  7. Brain problems

    Excessive intake of salt may cause vascular dementia. It is described as the condition where sufficient blood does not reach the brain, due to which the brain is not able to function appropriately. Because the salt increases the blood pressure, this could damage the arteries that feed the brain and lead to different types of brain problems.

  8. Artery problems

    Arteries can become thicker with lower radii if your blood pressure is higher. If the blood pressure keeps increasing, it may cause the arteries to block permanently or even burst.

  9. Boosts the possibility of Diabetes

    As per various surveys that have been conducted over a period, it has been found that many patient’s primary causes of becoming a diabetic patient were increased blood pressure.

  10. Weak skin

    Salt can also lead to many skin problems as it immensely affects collagen. This can promote premature aging and can form wrinkles on your skin. (See How to slow down the aging process?)

  11. May trigger some other diseases

    Salt can be harmful to your body as it can also worsen the symptoms of Asthma and Alzheimer’s diseases.

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