Why many people choose to wear branded clothes?

Why do people wear branded clothes? Why are some people so obsessed with wearing branded clothes?
  1. A safer option to choose from: Better quality

    Famous brands are perceived as a safer option to buy from. The term ‘brand reputation’ provides a safer option to choose from when buying since brands are perceived to provide better materials, better designs and clothes that should last longer than those made by brands that are not famous.

  2. A safer option to choose from: Easy to be liked

    Branded clothes help meet the need of being liked by other people since it’s more likely for others to admire (or at least not to disqualify) what a person wears once they see the brand logo.

  3. People feel more comfortable buying brands

    Now, with the ability to search and buy anything online, it’s more likely for a person to buy branded clothes online especially when famous brands pay too much money to enhance their online presence, and make it easier for customers to choose, buy and even return clothes with absolute ease.

  4. Since famous brands pay too much money to create a high level of brand awareness and popularity, many people will tend to buy certain brands only to fit in a certain group and feel a sense of belonging which is a basic human need.

  5. Confidence boosting

    As a result of feeling liked, admired or belonging to some tribe described in the previous 4 points, a person’s mood will be elevated (especially right after buying) and he/she will feel more positive and more confident.

  6. Expensive clothes elevate status for men, which results in becoming more attractive

    Since the ability to provide is one of the basic things many women look for when evaluating a future life partner, many men believe that wearing expensive branded clothes that elevate their status will make them look more attractive. (See What makes a person attractive?)

  7. It can elevate a person’s monetary value

    Since most people rate a person’s monetary value with the type and prices of clothes he/she wears then wearing expensive clothes can at many times affect people’s opinions when evaluating the person in a job interview or when negotiating a deal.

  8. When a certain brand supports one’s favorite team

    Famous teams sign contracts with sponsors and famous brands to support them, which gets many fans to buy their team’s branded T-shirt (or gadgets) as a result of belonging or because of the good feeling and sense of pride that come from wearing something related to one’s favorite team.

  9. Help hide insecurities

    Wearing expensive, branded clothes is a good way to temporarily hide anxiety and feelings of insecurity around those who a person feels to be better than him/her. For example, wearing the most expensive dress in the room provides something to brag about when unconsciously feeling threatened. (See The Body Language of Anxiety)

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