Why making friends on the web is dangerous?

Is it dangerous to meet people on the Internet? Why making friends on the web is dangerous?

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  1. 1 The account could be fake

    Some people make fake accounts on the internet. In such a case, a person might reveal his information to another person who could be dangerous. See why some people create fake accounts.

  2. 2 People are more likely to lie

    When people chat online they are more likely to lie about their looks, age, income and other things. This could result in giving misleading information to the person trying to make friends.

  3. 3 Using your information against you

    In some cases, when things turn bad, people can use the information of others against them in a bad way. If you sent your private pictures to someone he could then post them to the public.

  4. 4 Absence of intimacy

    In many cases, online friendship remains superficial and lacks proper intimacy. In such a case, a person will still feel lonely even if he has many online friends.

  5. 5 A friend could become an enemy easily

    Because online interactions lack many of the qualities face to face interactions provide, an online friend can easily back off or even turn into an enemy.

  6. 6 False sense of comfort

    Because we chat with others while being at home, a false sense of comfort is developed that makes it seem like the people we are talking to are trustworthy.

  7. 7 Looking for a victim

    Some online scammers, bullies, hackers and even rapists try to talk to people online to find their next victim.

  8. 8 People are more likely to hurt others

    When people talk online they are more encouraged to say things they would have never dared to say in real life. This could lead to bullying, criticism or unfriendly comments.

  9. 9 Friends could easily disappear

    Because there is usually no strong bond formed in online relationships, the new friend could easily leave or disappear, leaving you with hurt feelings.

  10. 10 Spying

    Some people create fake accounts to spy on others and collect their private information in order to use them against them. Some people might actually be spies working for other countries. Those people might target military personnel or country officials to extract data about them.

  11. 11 Getting exposed to inappropriate stuff

    If a child or a young teen talks to an adult disguised as a young friend then this child could get exposed to inappropriate stuff such as swearing words or pornographic pictures.

  12. 12 Damaged reputation

    Some online friends might use the data they collect about someone to damage their reputation.

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