Why Make a Wish Bouquet?

Why does Everyone like Bouquets? What makes them a Good Gift? How they are Different from other Gifts?

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A bouquet is a collection of flowers bundled together and presented to someone as a gift. So, why make a wish bouquet? Well, they are normal bouquets but it is as said that if someone makes a wish while holding them, it is likely that good things happen and they can start things afresh. Make a wish flowers or make a wish bouquet is done to present your loved ones so that all the good wishes come true. Let us learn more about them and also the significance of wish bouquets.

1. Why does Everyone like Bouquets?

The main reason is that people cherish flowers on birthdays because they represent grace and clarity. They refresh everybody with each flower having a separate color and lovely fragrance. Above all, gifting bouquets is a cultural thing and a gesture of love that describes your feelings more than the gift itself.

However, it is your gesture that counts not the gift. Bouquets are perfect for that as they carry certain emotions that other gifts can’t replicate. (Also read Meaning of Different Colour Roses)

2. What are Wish Flowers?

Wish flowers are flowers that are believed to make your wish come true. It is a beautiful myth considered true by many people. Such flowers are found all around the world and they are also in great demand. 

  • Dandelions are quite famous as they can easily make a wish bouquet but how they got this myth attached to them has remained a mystery. Such flowers have been around for thousands of years and have been a part of everyday human life. Also, check out why do people wish on Dandelions?
  • There are several other myths associated with flowers of different kinds, it is believed that if you eat a four-petalled Lilac flower, it brings good luck. But in some cultures, gifting a black rose is considered inappropriate. 
  • In some parts of Europe, it is believed that the individual who finds the first daffodil of the spring season will be blessed with a fruitful year ahead. In India, flowers are considered sacred and are used in a variety of ways. (See What do Cherry Blossoms Symbolize?)

3. Why it is Easy to Gift a Wish Flowers Bouquet?

  • They are hassle-free. They are light and portable which makes them an amazing present.
  • You’ll definitely see your loved ones wholeheartedly smiling as you gift them and make a wish bouquet.
  • Flowers or bouquets are also simple to use. They can be effortlessly stored in a vase where they will maintain their vibrancy for a few days if watered properly.
  • They will make their residence a pleasant and perfumed place. The place decorated with flowers will enchant your loved ones and their guests. Must read the 8 best valentine’s decoration ideas.

You only need to make sure that you don’t press them. If bouquets are crammed, they lose some of their vibrancy and don’t look pleasant. So do carry them carefully. (Also read How to Be Loved By Everyone?)

4. How are they Different from other Gifts?

  • Your bouquet will stand out among the materialistic gifts that your loved one will receive, some of them may not even use. They will remember your gift for a long time. It will increase the affection they have for you. Flowers symbolize love and are associated with beauty and pleasure. Must read about the 18 Symbols that Represent Love.
  • Flowers can be found in your stories and special occasions and they are often seen as the gift of gods. They are intertwined with your culture and the unique thing is that every culture in the world has given some meaning to the flowers that are found in their area.
  • So every time they will think of the gift, they’ll think about you and a special bond will be created between you two. Because amidst all other gifts, it was your gift that made the day unforgettable. They will think about their special present for a long time. Also, check out the anxious attachment in Adults.

An important thing to remember when picking a make a wish bouquet for your loved one you love is that every flower signifies a special meaning. So, buy the one that perfectly conveys the meaning you want. It will make the present even more special. (Also read Types of Trees with Purple Flowers)

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