Why Do People Wish on Dandelions?

Alex Williams
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  1. What are dandelions?

  2. The symbolism of Dandelion Flower

    Modern spiritualists and Medieval peasants consider Dandelion a symbol of fighting through the challenges of life and emerging victorious on the other side. Some admirers use it as a reminder of the sun’s power, especially when depression hits a person hard, and it becomes difficult for a person to strike back. Others use it as an inspiration and a robust tactic to deal with every kind of situation. In addition to granting a wish, it is also believed that blowing a dandelion seed can carry your thoughts and dreams to your loved ones and bring good fortune.

  3. Do people actually wish on dandelions?

    The dandelions’ nature makes many children blow their seeds into the air and rush to pick them. In the meantime, they close their eyes and make a wish. It is not only practised by children but also by many adults. One of the other reasons people wish on them is that Dandelion seeds look cheerful and happy when blown and falling out on the grass in a lawn.

  4. Botanical characteristics of Dandelions

    Dandelions used to appear in North America and Europe in the beginning. Later, it became widely popular and visible in other continents as well. The flowers and leaves of Dandelions are luscious and keeps our body healthy, and boosts immunity. Many people of villages use its leaves and flowers to prepare a spectacular herbal wine in the summer. If the leaves of Dandelions are crushed and mixed in tea, it helps relieve various kinds of kidney and bladder problems.

  5. Why do people make a wish while blowing a Dandelion seed?

    Certain beliefs make people wish on Dandelions. It is also said that blowing its seed head indicates and get us to know what we want to know:

    • If you blow a Dandelion, and all the flowers are blown, it implies that your wish will come true. It is one of the prominent reasons people grant a wish while focusing on blowing all Dandelion’s seed heads.
    • Blowing hard on a dandelion and the number of seeds you are left with will imply how many children you will have.
    • Applicable only for women: If she blows a dandelion and all the buds blow off, it means her lover is loyal and loves only her. However, if the seeds remain, it could be an indication that he might be cheating on her.
    • Blowing off a Dandelion and the remaining seeds will symbolize how many years you are left with.
    • Your wish will be carried to your lover if you blow on a Dandelion’s seed head.
  6. Celebrating special occasions with these mystical flowers!

    • Trying to connect with the sun and its power.
    • Celebrating the return of summer
    • Celebrating an event bringing positivity and joy into your life
    • Overcoming a stumbling block by using your innate intelligence
  7. Some superstitions involved

    Dandelions have a mythical history and some superstitions that include:

    • You will be welcome wherever you go, and all your wishes will come true if you rub your hands vigorously with Dandelion leaves or flowers.
    • Putting a Dandelion flower under your chin will help you determine whether you will be turning out to be rich.
    • A child will make their bed wet the night they will pick a dandelion flower off the plant.

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