Why is Paris Called the City of Lights?

How the City was named? Why is Paris called the city of Love? How the Architecture affects the Culture of Paris?

Paris is the place where one would definitely want to go. Its scenic beauty, romantic aura especially during the evenings, city full of lights, and ambiance make the place worth it. So why is Paris called the city of lights? There has even been a controversy on the question, is Paris a city of lights or Love? There could be a diplomatic answer as the city has magnificently both qualities making it a highly romantic destination anyone would like to visit. Seems interesting right? Let’s talk more about it.

1. What is the Reason behind the Naming of the City?

The city was called after the Parisii tribe, who lived on the banks of the Seine river from the iron age to the third century BC. The Parisii had business with several river towns. In 52 BC, the Romans captured the Paris basin and erected Lutetia Parisiorum or Lutetia for short. With an amphitheater, theaters, temples, spas, and forums, the settlement grew into a flourishing city.

By the end of the Roman Empire, the town had been renamed Parisius. Parisius is just a Latin noun that was later renamed Paris. So you might wonder, why is Paris called the city of lights. To know the reason, let’s dive into the next segments. (Also read Why Japan is Called Land of Rising Sun?)

2. What City is the City of Lights?

Surprisingly, only a few large urban areas have got the privilege of owning as many nicknames as Paris has. Paris has a lot of names due to the fascination it provokes in both residents and visitors from all over the world. For most of its modern history, Paris has been referred to as:

The most common nickname however is the City of Light. Is it the shimmering street grounds or the infinitely glowing structures that periodically shine? The inquisitive mind ponders why is Paris called the city of lights.

3. Is Paris a City of Lights or Love?

Paris has undoubtedly some essence of every good feeling you can crave while on a trip. This is a prime reason, why is Paris called the city of lights. There are several reasons why Paris is not only the city of lights but also known for love. We have listed a few of them for you:

  • It is a magical part of the world. Paris is deeply associated with the term magic as claimed by many tourists. There are magical lights, magical views, magical moments, and a lot more that can fill your heart with brightness and love.
  • Talking of magic, you can never leave behind the Eiffel Tower night scenes which are so colorful and pleasant to watch. You feel as if there is a spirit of love even if you walk around it. They are so heartwarming and might be even more especially if you visit the place in December. (Also read Meaning of Different Colour Roses)
  • It has a unique architecture and heritage. Paris owns miraculous unique architecture like the Basilica Sacré Coeur, the Arc de Triomphe embedded deeply with the historic architecture norms of Paris. If you visit the Pont des Arts there you will see the padlocks of love attached to this place by many couples.
  • Another place where you spot, I Love You written in almost every language in the world is the Mur des Je t’aime in Square Jehan Rictus. So this is the most common answer to why is Paris called the city of lights. (Also read 10 Romantic Valentine’s Day Proposals)
  • It is a place of romance and songs. Over some time, some romantic french artists namely, Edith Piaf, and Charles Aznavour have composed lovely songs speaking of Paris, La Boheme, Sous le Ciel de Paris. Even the singers who were not from Paris could not resist devoting their piece of art.
  • Another famous example of their culture is the Gershwin writeup, An American in Paris. You can also watch a movie made by Wood Allen, Midnight in Paris, to get a thrilling insight into the magical sides of Paris. (Also read First Full Length Movie Ever Made)

4. Why Paris is called a City Full of Surprises?

 You feel it is boring when you have the same old boring schedule every day, loaded with the same kind of work, food habits, sleep routines, and fatigue. What if you get to see a place where every unusual thing comes out to be somewhat pleasant or even more than that? Yes, Paris is the place.

There are many lanes, uncountable places, and unbelievable scenes. There are haunting places like Manoir De Paris but with your partner around, you still feel the love and its strength. Then there is the strange pattern decor as well with the beauty of its light and colors at night in the Danse de la Fontaine Emergente. This list seems to be a non-exhaustive one though but can surprise you too. (Also read 6 Lesser Known St Valentine Facts)

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