Why is Lyft cheaper than Uber?

Which is cheaper Uber or Lyft? Lyft vs. Uber: Which Rideshare App Is Cheaper?
Why is Lyft cheaper than Uber?
  1. About Lyft

    The Company Lyft was introduced in 2007. Logan Green and John Zimmer founded it. It started with Zimride; in this, people began sharing cabs for long distances along with complete security.

    They benefited from the Facebook Connect app for connecting the drivers and riders for a less anonymous service. In 2012, they started the short trip services too, and they shifted their complete focus on sort trips in 2013.

  2. About Uber

    The beginning Uber plan came to the founders (Travis Kalanick & Garrett Camp) mind when they were in Paris and were unable to call a cab. They thought it would be so easy to book a cab from the phone and, then later in 2009, they implemented the plan and launched Uber cab services in San Francisco. In 2010, they launched their services globally.

  3. Lyft vs Uber Pricing

    They are direct competitors; thus, their prices do not vary much. If one drops the price, the other one also does the same. Their basic ride prices are usually $1 to start, $2 per mile, and $0.25 per minute. The rates also depend on distance, timings, and traffic. But as per the riders, Lyft does not hit the high multiplies as compared to Uber. Therefore, various people choose Lyft over Uber when it comes to pricing.

  4. Availability

    Uber is more established than Lyft; therefore, it also has more drivers. Lyft has increased its drivers in America; therefore, the availability would be similar in big cities. A significant difference is when you are out of the city or in a small place. Uber renders its services in 65 countries, whereas Lyft offers its services in America and nine Canadian cities.

  5. Customer Service

    The options for contacting both these company’s customer support is quite similar as you can reach them through social media without any trouble. You can also email them, there are emergency numbers, and in-app support is also an option. But as per riders’ experience, they prefer Lyft over Uber as they respond quickly and are very friendly.

  6. Uber App vs Lyft App

    Both of them developed the apps at a similar time. Uber gives their customer a better idea about the fare as compared to Lyft. The latter is still improvising on their app to make it better and transparent.

    But, users also say that as Uber has launched many services, its app has become less user-friendly and does a lot of promotions such as Uber Eats, etc., which is a big obstruction while booking a cab. The good thing is that booking a cab in both apps is easy and quick.

  7. Uber vs Lyft Safety

    There have been various sexual harassment cases when it comes to the cab. Therefore, safety is the prime thing to look upon. Both the companies take care of the safety measures seriously by checking the driver’s background, checking if they pass a DMV record, having valid car insurance and license, and should be at least 21 years old with one year of licensed driving experience.

    The riders feel safer in Uber as they have more luxury services related to the security system. Lyft is still working on it.

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