Why is Lady Gaga so famous?

Alex Williams
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  1. She uses psychological hooks very well

  2. She is very confident

    Many people, especially females, admire Lady Gaga’s confidence. She seems very comfortable on the stage and her interviews reflect her confident personality. (See Video Summary: The skill of self confidence by Dr. Ivan Joseph)

  3. She looks different in every occasion

    Lady Gaga usually looks very different in every new appearance she makes. The fact that she always changes how she looks prevents her fans from getting bored of her. People in general become more interested in novel things compared to boring things that don’t change.

  4. The misfits like her

    Lady Gaga represents herself sometimes as the voice of the misfits. Rebels, people who love to be different and those who don’t embrace the status Quo might find lady Gaga very interesting for she represents them.

  5. Her voice is good

    So many people like lady Gaga’s voice, believe she is very talented and some fans even compare her to Madonna.

  6. Taboo testing lyrics

    Some of lady Gaga’s songs spark controversy because of tackling Taboo topics. The controversy results in more debate and this debate leads to more popularity of Lady Gaga.

  7. The LGBT community likes her

    Because Lagy Gaga usually support LGBT in her lyrics the community liked her and this made her even more popular.

  8. She make strong statements

    Lady Gaga sometimes makes strong statements in her songs that appeal to some sectors. Those strong statements sometimes help her gain more fans who believe in those statements.

  9. Her appearances spark social media interactions

    One of the reasons Lady Gaga became popular fast is the fact that her fans are so active on social media. Her strange and sometimes shocking appearances usually spark intense activity on social networks that make her more popular. (See Why do celebrities use Instagram?)

  10. Her debut album was a hit

    Lady Gaga’s debut album The Fame was in instant hit. The song ‘Poker Face’ Topped the charts in 20 countries and become a world wide hit. Poker Face was among the best downloaded singles of all times having sold 14 million copies.

  11. She spikes interest with new and unexpected costumes

    Lady Gaga became famous for new and unconventional costumes. The fact that novelty sparks humans interest helped Lady Gaga get so much attention on social Media. The Meat dress Lady Gaga wore for example helped her get a lot of attention.

  12. Many females are inspired by her success story

    So many females like Lady Gaga’s success and determination. Some of the Females who want to be successful, famous and independent like lady Gaga as they believe her determination is the reason she became famous.

  13. She is controversial

    Rumors often spread about Lady Gaga and this helped her become more of a popular topic. One of the famous rumors circulating about Lady Gaga is that some people believe she is a man in disguise.

  14. Visual creativity

    Lady Gaga’s clips are usually unconventional and creative. Lady Gaga is a very talented performer who knows how to include elements of novelty in her videos thus keeping her fans always interested.

  15. She supported sexually assaulted survivors

    Gaga released a song about the victims of sexual assaults, Till it happens to you. She also performed the song in the 2016 Oscar Performance, she got on stage along with other 50 sexual assault survivors.

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