Why Instagram stories take long to upload?

Why won't my Instagram story upload? Why does Instagram take so long to upload stories?

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  1. 1 The servers are heavy with traffic

    If Instagram's servers are heavy with traffic because many people are using the app, stories might take long to upload.

  2. 2 The file is too big

    If the picture or video you're trying to upload to your stories is too big, it might take a long time to finish uploading.

  3. 3 Slow internet connection

    Using a slow internet connection can elongate the process of uploading a story on Instagram.

  4. 4 Restricted network

    Some networks restrict Instagram and other social media apps, which might cause some features to not work properly.

  5. 5 Application is out of date

    Your application may need to be updated in order to function properly.

  6. 6 Due to using a shared internet connection

    If you're using a shared internet connection, there's a great possibility that the story is taking long to upload because many people are using the network.

  7. 7 Due to connectivity problems

    If your internet connection keeps cutting off, it might elongate the process of uploading a story.

  8. 8 Due to using 3G internet

    Using internet over a 3G network may slow down the uploading of a story.

  9. 9 It's a universal problem

    There was a recent incident in May where Instagram's stories feature wasn't function properly. In this case, the problem was universal.

  10. 10 Video doesn't meet Instagram's specifications

    If the video doesn't meet Instagram's specifications with regards to size and format, it may not upload.

  11. 11 The application was closed during the upload

    Uploading a story might get interrupted and slowed down if the app was closed during it.

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