Why Everyone Should Learn Programming?

Why you should learn programming? Why is it important to know how to code?
  1. It teaches persistence

    Programming can teach a person how to become persistent and to never give up. Any ordinary person would have to have a tremendous desire to make his code work and would have to be persistent enough to fix any and all bugs he will encounter. This is why programming can make people more persistent.

  2. Almost every technology is based on programming

    Look around you, from laptops and mobile phones to cars and factories. They are all functioning by software that were programmed by people.

  3. It will help you create something

    If you want to create a new website, mobile application or a new technology, you would definitely need to learn more about programming. It’s essential to code in order to be able to create any technology-related project.

  4. It’s extremely easy to learn

    Thanks to the multiple platforms, there are now many free sources online to learn programming from. Code.org is one of the greatest portals to learn simple coding in a basic interactive way.

  5. It can get you a great job

    Many people leave their current careers and shift to programming. Once you learn a couple of languages and master them, you could easily apply for one of the many programming jobs.

  6. It’s an essential skill

    It’s expected that not knowing programming might be considered under the umbrella of illiteracy in a couple of decades. It’s a skill you could easily acquire its basics in just a few hours. (See What are the benefits of learning Linux?)

  7. It’s fun

    It feels amazing to see the concepts you had in mind applied in front of you. Once you try programming a simple application, you will feel the urge to go for more complex coding and solutions.

  8. The community is great

    Have you ever wanted to join a community of smart people that are willing to help you when you are in need? What you are looking for is The Programming Community. How helpful everyone is would amaze you. Programmers are helpful by nature; it tends to their eagerness to solve problems and queries.

  9. Flexibility to fix problems

    When you learn programming, you will notice that your approach to solve everyday problems is much more flexible. As you learn, you’ll figure out that there are millions of ways to solve any problem. All you need to do is think about it from different perspectives, like a programmer would his code.

  10. You’ll be more open to learning

    Many fields and subjects require previous knowledge of programming. When you obtain that skill, you will be able to learn a larger variety of subjects due to your newfound knowledge of programming.

  11. You could spread the knowledge

    Teaching others your skills not only feels great, but it also gives you confidence. Not to mention the amount of good you will do by helping others.

  12. You will become more mentally organized

    Programming helps the mind become more organized and helps in expanding the mental capacity. People who practice programming for some time are very likely to become more mentally organized. (See What are the benefits of studying computer science?)

  13. You will become more goal oriented

    Programming can make a person more goal oriented. Because a person has to put everything in a structured way to achieve the final goal of developing a software, programmers learn how to become goal oriented.

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