Why Dolores killed Ford in Westworld?

In Westworld, why did Ford have Dolores kill him? Why Did Dolores Kill Ford?
  1. Dolores became conscious

    Dolores solved the maze, became conscious, and was able to make her own decisions. It’s widely believed that Dolores killed Ford intentionally.

  2. Dolores realized she is Wyatt

    As Dolores became conscious, she realized she is also Wyatt. Dolores realized she can kill just like she used to do when she acted as Wyatt. She even used Wyatt’s gun to do so.

  3. To avenge the hosts

    As Dolores realized that the hosts were suffering because of humans, and specifically Ford, she took the conscious decision to kill him in order to free the other hosts from his control.

  4. Some believe she was programmed

    Some people believe that Dolores was programmed to kill Ford and the other guests by Ford himself.

  5. Ford might have been a host

    According to another fan theory, the Ford who was shot in the last episode of the season might be just a host resembling the real Ford who has other plans. (See Why the Guests Don’t Die in Westworld?)

  6. To follow a bigger plan

    Many fans think that the killing of Ford was the beginning of a big plan set by Ford himself in order to help the hosts escape from the park.

  7. Ford was aware he is going to die

    For was pretty aware he is going to die by the hands of Dolores. He either predicted she will make that choice or programmed her to do so, according to the other theory. (See Why Dolores killed Arnold on Westworld?)

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