Why does it Smell like Skunk in my House?

What is a Skunk, and Why does it smell so bad? Why is there a Skunk like Smell in the House? How to get rid of the Smell?

The name of the skunk is enough to activate your smelling instincts. However, these mammals are known to use their smell as a defense mechanism to protect themselves from predators. But why does it smell like skunk in my house? If you know what I am talking about then be ready to get the answers to why does my house smell like skunk at night, why does skunk smell linger, and why do skunks smell so bad. 

1. What is a Skunk?

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These mammals are from the family of Mephitidae and are known for their ability to spray liquid when they sense danger. The liquid has an unpleasant scent that wards off the predator. They can be black, white to brown, or ginger to cream color. (See What type of Consumer is a Rabbit?)

2. Why do Skunks smell so bad?

Skunks have a gland under their tail that produces the spray. The spray is oily in texture. Skunk spray is a thiol. It is an organic compound and has sulfur as the principal component. Sulfur is known for its rotten egg-like smell that lasts longer and is stronger. Also, check out 10 types of dart frogs.

3. Why does my House smell like Skunk at Night?

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Every time you smell a skunk it does not mean that there is a skunk in the house. So, why does my house smell like skunk at night? There are various other possible reasons that such a smell is lingering in the house. One of the most common reasons for this smell is a sewer gas leak. This gas has a strong smell, and you can notice it in the kitchen and bathroom the most. (See Slug Vs Snail)

4. How to get rid of the Sewer Gas Problem?

Did you figure out why does it smell like skunk in my house and why do skunks smell so bad? This issue must be attended to immediately if this issue is a case of this gas leakage which is highly flammable. You can call your nearest local natural gas provider and inform them about the odor. It is advised to leave the vacant house immediately if you smell skunk. (See What happens when you mix Vinegar with Baking Soda?)

5. Can your Pet be the reason behind the Smell?

Why does it smell like skunk in my house, is it your pet? Possibly yes. If you cannot locate a skunk but still your house smells, then your pet may have been sprayed by a skunk, and they arrived home with that unpleasant smell. There was a case when a large bird was living on the roof of the house, and it was sprayed by a skunk. Must read why do dogs whiskers falling out?

6. Is there a Skunk in the House?

It may be possible that the skunk has been lingering in your backyard or your house. People think that only the anal spray will result in the smell, but the animal will smell like it even if they have sprayed in the house or not. Your house may have the smell even if the skunk just walked past your house. (See I Found a Newt in my Garden What should I Do?)

7. Can it be the Food went bad?

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You have different types of food in your house and each of them has a different odor. Most of them are usually stored in the refrigerator. You must be aware of the odor that bad meat, cheese, or milk has. But in this case, the garlic can get bad and that may be the reason for your house smelling like skunk. Find out why does it smell like skunk in my house? If the garlic in your kitchen has begun to sprout then also it will smell like this. Also, check out 21 types of stinky cheese.

8. How to get rid of this?

Are you still thinking why does it smell like skunk in my house? Well, to get rid of this odor from your kitchen, you will have to wash your refrigerator. Clean your fridge at least once a month. Take out all the drawers where you keep fruits and vegetables and then wash the trays with warm soapy water or warm water and soap solution. Keep your fridge, cabinets, and kitchen counters clean to keep this smell away.  (See How to Get Rid of Gnats without Apple Cider Vinegar?)

9. What role does Skunk Cabbage have here?

This is a species of cabbage plant which ultimately has this smell that earned the name of skunk cabbage plant. However, this plant smells like a skunk only when it is blooming to attract more pollinators. These plants are survivors and can grow in colder climates too. Therefore, your neighbors may have planted some, or you have brought home one of these cabbages and did not recognize the odor. (See What Animals Eat Wheat?)

10. Can a Dead Animal be the reason for the Skunk Smell?

Image by Dan Lazar from Pixabay

Well, no matter how cringy it may be, sometimes this is the worst-case scenario if your house smells like skunk with no other valid options in sight. There may be a dead animal on the wall, below the cabinets, fridge, behind the furniture, inside the closet, etc. (See Do All Jellyfish sting?)

11. How to fix it?

If the animal is inside the wall, then it is not something that you can handle. It would be better to call an exterminator (a person or business establishment specializing in the elimination of vermin, insects, etc., from a building.) as they are experts in such things. Also, check out how to get rid of possums permanently?

12. Why does Skunk Smell linger?

If there is a skunk spray on any of the clothing in your house, then it will linger longer. Skunk sprays tend to soak into the fibers of the cloth, making them last longer than expected. It is hard to get rid of it after washing the cloth, and it would be better if you threw it away. (See Which Solvent is Needed to Remove an Oil Spot?)

13. How to get rid of the Skunk Smell?

As you already know why does skunk smell linger, so Skunk or no skunk, it is necessary to get rid of this stench. Therefore, take a look at the points mentioned below.

  • Start with opening all the windows of your house and turning on your fan or air conditioner to start the circulation of air inside the house.
  • Boil vinegar in a bowl and let it evaporate then turn the gas off. Though the house will smell like vinegar, it will absorb all the foul smells.
  • You can also place bowls of vinegar in the house or pour vinegar into a plastic container and punch holes in the cap. Make sure these containers are away from the reach of your pets and kids. Must read about the 75 little known uses of vinegar.

14. What to do if the Clothing has a Stench?

I think you are tired of this question, why does it smell like skunk in my house? If a skunk sprayed on your pet, and he came inside, sat on your bed, on the carpet, or on any other clothing, then you can follow these steps to remove the stench.

  • Put all the affected clothing inside the washer and set it on hot.
  • Add detergent and 1/2 cup (64 grams) baking soda to the load.
  • Repeat the wash cycle twice. Do not dry the laundry in the dryer.
  • Air-dry the laundry outside in the sun.
  • You can try steam cleaning the couches, carpets, curtains, or any other items that cannot be laundered. Also, check out what features food contact surfaces must be equipped with?

15. How to clean Hard surfaces to get rid of the Smell?

Photo by Pille R. Priske on Unsplash

As you are wondering why does it smell like skunk in my house, this can be a possibility, it can be the skunk or your pet got sprayed by skunk who sat on the floor, counters or any other hard surfaces of the house. Then you can do the following.

  • Mix bleach and water in a 1:9 ratio and spray on the affected surface.
  • If the area is color-sensitive, then test on a small patch to ensure it does not damage or discolor the surface. Must read how does Non Chlorine Bleach work?

Now you know why does it smell like skunk in my house and why does my house smell like skunk at night. If you find this piece informative and useful, share this article and tell them why does skunk smell linger and why do skunks smell so bad, along with ways to get rid of the smell. (Also read 13 Non Poisonous Frogs)

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