Why Does Computer Hardware Fail?

Why do computers get problems? What Are The Top Reasons For Hardware Failure?
  1. Heat affecting the hard drive

    Overheating is the predominant reason that leads to Hardware failure. In worst cases, it may also cause the happening of alarming situations such as smoke or fire.

  2. Hard disk fails in the first months

    If you do not experience hard disk failure in the first months once you start using it, there is a high possibility it will live long. The occurrence of hard disk failure is caused due to physical movements that happen within the hard disks, which result in having a bad sector on hard drives.

  3. Fans are exposed to wear effect

    Die to the wear effect; fans are considered to be vulnerable components. They are highly prone to get ruined by the high temperature produced by CPU.

  4. Power supply components are vulnerable

    Many manufacturers use cheaper and inferior quality power supply components that are fully prone to burning because of overheating. This is why, most of the time, power supplies are one of the first things to corrupt in the computer.

  5. Water damage

    Water could easily result in a short circuit inside the circuit boards. Circuit boards are not waterproof, hence a little bit of water can damage significant components and the whole system. It can also burn the other parts in case of a very high temperature on the board.

  6. Physical shocks

    If a computer is not kept on a stable surface, it might lead to the breakage of inner components such as keeping it on a rough surface that exerts some force on the computer can damage its boards and the hardware.

  7. Corrupted files may lead to hardware damage

    The computer should never be forced to shut down. Even if you do for some reason, you need to restart and shut it down properly. As forced shut down allows the computer to generate corrupted files which could hamper your computer’s performance and even damage the hardware.

  8. Leaking capacitors

    A computer might experience the complete crash in the scenarios where the capacitors are placed on motherboards or power supplies. The crashing of the computer may be caused because of the critical charges inside the capacitor.

  9. High current

    In situations of electricity blackout, without UPS, there is a high possibility for the current to appear in the power lines powering the computer. If this happens, it could burn the components immediately and lead to hardware failure.

  10. Low-quality hardware

    Some local manufacturers might make a mistake in the quality control unit, which might lead to hardware failure.

  11. Over-clocking

    Over-clocking is a situation that arises when you run the processor of the computer at a speed higher than what intended by the manufacturers. Over-clocking of a computer can generate intense heat within its components and circuit boards. This might result in hardware failure as it could adversely affect the functioning of the overall system.

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