Why do some people like Woody Allen?

Alex Williams
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  1. His history

    Woody Allen first became famous when he was a stand-up comedian in the 1960’s. He was a very influential comedian at the time. Allen first started by developing a very funny character then went on to tell stories about things that happened to him that were plotted in a professional way.

  2. His intellectual humor

    Allen’s first audience were urban hipsters who were very interested in what he wrote. His topics were always about things like sex and smart-nihilistic ideas, which were very attractive areas of discussion to that kind of audience.

  3. His first films were great

    In the early 1970’s, Woody Allen worked on two of his most successful slapstick spoofs, Bananas and Sleeper. Those two films were very contemplative, which made Woody Allen one of the greatest directors in the field.

  4. His wide experience

    Woody Allen has been one of the greatest comic directors since the 1970’s. He wrote, directed and acted in plenty of plays and movies.

  5. He’s a great writer

    Woody Allen’s self-portrayal in movies revealed the intellectual sex-obsessed, Jewish New Yorker that he is. His psychoanalytic movies brought him great success in the field.

  6. He’s inspired by great movies

    Many filmmakers find Woody Allen a great filmmaker just because he was inspired by European movies. European movies, in filmmakers’ point of view are a lot more mature than Hollywood, which is why they prefer filmmakers who are more into European cinema.

  7. His story is quite interesting

    Allen came from a poor Jewish family who didn’t even have money to buy him books. He lived a very harsh life when he was little. Despite all this, he used to watch every movie that came out and decided to become a filmmaker. (See Why Adele’s “Hello” became so popular?)

  8. He wrote more than just comedies

    From time to time, Woody Allen worked on drama among his various comedies. Interiors and Another Woman were two of his greatest dramas.

  9. He deals with movies differently

    Among the great things that people like about Woody Allen is that he deals with the issues in his movie in a way that no other director does. In movies like Crimes and Misdemeanors and Match Point, for instance, he connects crime with consciousness where we get to explore the murderer’s mind.

  10. He creates interesting conversations

    Like Jean Luc Godard, Woody is really good at creating conversations in his scripts, especially when it comes to a conversation between a man and a woman. They may not always be realistic, but they still explore the dimensions of male and female relationships. (See  Why is Pakalu Papito famous?)

  11. His analysis of human relationships

    Some people think that Allen’s analysis of human relationships is one of the greatest thing he does with his scripts. Films like Annie Hall, Hannah and her Sisters, and Husbands and Wives are very great examples of that.

  12. The music he picks

    Many of Allen’s late films like Christina Vicky Barcelona and Midnight in Paris had great soundtracks that ranked very high on YouTube and Soundcloud.

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