Why is Pakalu Papito famous?

Who is Pakalu Papito and why he become famous? Why is Pakalu Papito famous?
  1. He makes people feel good about themselves

    Most of Pakalu Papito’s jokes and comments make fun of his own personality and looks. This makes many people feel good about themselves unconsciously as they read his posts.

  2. Jokes about sensitive stuff

    Pakalu’s account jokes about sensitive topics such as weight, looks, ugliness and being a loser. Since those topics concern so many people he managed to become famous.

  3. He is funny

    Many people find Pakalu papito’s jokes to be very funny. The fact that his jokes are funny in a provoking way resulted in more sharing and tweeting.

  4. His jokes have unexpected twists

    In a world of repetitive and boring materials Pakalu’s jokes stand out because they are unique, original and sometimes totally unexpected.

  5. People feel superior to him

    When a person reads a joke about a person making fun of his own self then the former would feel superior to the latter. Because all humans strive for superiority, according to some psychologists, Papito’s jokes got more popular. (See Why do people strive for superiority?)

  6. Brutal honesty

    Some people suggested that one of the factors leading to Pakalu’s popularity is his brutal honesty as he talks honestly about taboo topics.

  7. He commented on famous pages

    According to a Quora thread, the account of Pakalu Papito started commenting on famous posts on 9GAG and others pages. The fact that his comments were provocative made him famous fast.

  8. Racism appeals to many people

    Many of Pakalu Papito’s jokes are considered racist. Some people like those jokes as they make them feel better about themselves by allowing them to devalue others. (See Why are some people so racist?)

  9. His controversial identity

    Some people suggest that the fact that Pakalu Papito has kept his identity hidden contributed to his popularity as this led to more controversy.

  10. Many of his posts went viral

    Many of Papito’s posts went viral, and thus contributed to his popularity.

  11. Many famous blogs re-post his jokes

    Many famous blogs such as 9GAG re-post Pakalu Papito’s jokes. This made him even more popular.

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