Why do some people hate Miley Cyrus?

Why is Miley Cyrus so hated? Why is Miley Cyrus one of the most disliked celebrities?
  1. A bad role model for young people

    Miley Cyrus has been voted as the worst celebrity role model for young girls in a new poll of teenage girls themselves. She shocked the world when she pole danced at the Kids Music Award. ‘After Hannah Montana it seems like she can’t stop acting crazy and control her life.’ – said some of her fans.

  2. Lack of talent

    Many people think that Miley is not talented. Some believe that her father Billy Ray Cyrus the American singer and songwriter is the reason behind her fame, others think that her lewd behavior is what making her popular till now. However, others like her music and find her talented.

  3. Poor public behavior

    Miley has been acting inappropriately lately. The 20-year-old was strongly criticized at the VMA 2013 when she was nearly naked and grinding on the 36 year old married man, Robin Thicke. She was also criticized when posted a video making fun of her friends, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

  4. Taking sides during her parents’ divorce

    Miley had to publicly take sides when her parents were getting divorced. She defended her mother against claims of cheating, instead of stepping back to let her parents work things out. However, Miley said to the media that no one should comment on her private life.

  5. Doing drugs

    Miley was caught on video smoking a bong containing a drug called salvia. Although not illegal, it is listed as a ‘drug of concern’ by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.

  6. Always sticking out her tongue

    Miley claims that sticking her tongue out in photos is a nervous tick that helps her deal with the paparazzi. However, people find it very irritating as she is sending the wrong image of how a young lady should act to her young fans.

  7. Took the ‘Twerking’ move to the stage and everywhere else

    This dance move was invented in clubs but Miley brought it to the stage and everywhere else she went. Now, it is possible to see people twerking anywhere with no shame.

  8. Shedding her good girl image and her Hannah Montana persona

    Miley’s recent videos have been described as ‘overly sexualised’. U.S. based parents organization, slammed the teenager for her overtly adult performance, when the majority of her fan base are still from her Disney Hannah Montana days.

  9. Her choice of outfit

    Many parents hate Miley’s recent outfits that she appears with. They think that it is too revealing, and that she is sending the wrong message to young girls of how they should treat their body. Some even said that they way she dresses is offensive for all women. (See Why do women wear tight clothes?)

  10. Posting scandalous pictures

    Miley’s followers are mostly young girls, so parents are frustrated of the type of photos she posts, with all the inappropriate poses, clothes and captions.

  11. Attention seeker

    Magazines wrote that Miley’s dynamic change was to grab attention and steal the spotlight from the other young singers. Some people hate her for being selfish and only thinking about her fame and fortune without paying attention to the bad influence she is leaving. (See Why are some people are attention seekers?)

  12. Some celebrities hate her behavior as well

    Celebrities as Tyalor Swift, Jay-Z and Kelly Clarkson admitted that they are not fans of Miley’s current behavior and performance. The late Joan Rivers said that Miley was taking it too far, and if she was her daughter, she wouldn’t go see her perform anymore.

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