Why do some people hate Android?

Why do people hate Android? Top 13 Reasons why people hate Android
  1. Because they want to feel superior

    People buy certain products to belong to a certain superior group. Some iPhone users think that buying an iPhone makes them belong to a superior tribe. In order to further amplify that feeling, those people have to hate Andriod & other competitors.

  2. Because it’s a cheap copy

    Because IOS was developed first and because Apple phones are much more expensive than many Android phones some people consider Android the cheap copy of the IOS.

  3. Because Android is cheap

    Andriod Os runs on many cheap phones. People who use their phones to signal their belonging to a certain social class usually hate Andriod because it available to people at any social class.

  4. It’s much more unstable than IOS

    The Android phone crashes often, slows down for no reason and is much less stable than Apple’s IOS.

  5. Bad keyboard

    Many Andriod versions have irritating keyboards. The auto-complete feature is one of the features that annoyed so many users and lets them turn away from Andriod phones.

  6. The UI is of a lower quality

    Many people agree that the UI of Andriod is of a lower quality than the Apple IOS. (See Why Android phones become slow?)

  7. IOS is more user friendly

    The fact that Android tries to introduce as many options as possible makes it much less user friendly than the Apple’s IOS.

  8. Many developers prefer IOS

    Because of their ability to make more money and sell more to its users many developers prefer IOS over Android. IOS users were found to spend more on apps and usually provide more financial returns to businesses than Android users.

  9. Compatibility problems

    Because Apple manufactures both the software and hardware its OS is strongly compatible with its hardware. Android on the other hand can have compatibility issues with some devices since Google makes the OS and usually another company makes the hardware.

  10. Slows down for no reason

    So many Android phones become slow for no reason after being used for sometime. The fact that the OS becomes slow makes the phone very frustrating to many users.

  11. Stereotyping Android users

    In some cultures, Andriod users are thought to be uneducated, poor, and lacking taste. That kind of stereotype made some people hate Andriod phones.

  12. Apple’s branding strategy

    Apple’s branding strategy has made the Iphone seem superior to Andriod phones in the eyes of so many customers. Under the effect of this powerful branding strategy some people started hating Andriod after comparing it to apple. (See Why Apple has very high quality standards?)

  13. Because smart phones are no longer exlucsive

    When Apple first released its iPhone it was exclusive to the class who manages to pay that sum of money for a smart Phone. When Android came smart phones were available to almost everyone and the initial group who had Iphones lost their advantage.

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