Why do people make dreamcatchers?

Dream Catchers- Myths And Truths | The Truth About Dreamcatchers | Why do people make dreamcatchers?

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  1. Dreamcatchers have become a trend due to its eye-catching design. People hang them in cars, in keychains and in their rooms.

  2. They like handicrafts

    People who are into handicrafts find dreamcatchers and entertaining and fun thing to do.

  3. To sell them

    Some people make dreamcatchers for the purpose of selling them since they’re a popular trend.

  4. They believe in them

    Dreamcatchers are known in Native American tradition to capture bad dreams and prevent them from invading a person’s sleep. Some people believe in this tradition and make them to hang them over their beds.

  5. They have a unique look

    Dreamcatchers are unique and have a distinctive design that sets them apart from everything else. People who are into these kinds of unique decorative items decide to make them for themselves. (See Why do people care about looks?)

  6. They are a good distraction

    Some people like making things with their hands to distract themselves from problems or to act as a stress relief. Dreamcatchers are a good option for thee people.

  7. They can be creative with it

    Dreamcatchers can be made in so many different ways and using different materials. This allows the people making them to be creative and explore with it. (See How do dream catchers catch dreams?)

  8. To use as decoration

    Some people make dreamcatchers to be used as decoration in their homes, offices or cars.

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