Why do people like Vaping?

Alex Williams
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  1. To quit smoking

  2. Because it became mainstream

    A lot of people use the vape because they like to follow trends and lately vaping has become a very popular trend.

  3. Because it tastes nice

    There is a wide variety of flavors to the vape. That fact alone made a lot of people get their own vapes and start experimenting with different tastes.

  4. It gives the same stimulation to a cigarette

    One of the things people like about smoking is the throat hit that they get out of it. Vaping stimulates a very similar kick to that of a cigarette. (See 13 Psychological Reasons People Smoke Cigarettes)

  5. Some vape liquids contain nicotine

    Vape liquids come in different flavors, and they also come with different percentages of nicotine from zero to whatever the person chooses to add in there. The nicotine is something that smokers crave immediately when they quit smoking.

  6. Vapes look fancy

    Some people enjoy vaping because it looks fancy. There are a lot of collectable editions for vapes out there and some people like collecting them.

  7. They are easy to use

    Whereas smoking cigarettes comes with a lighter, vaping is a simple click of a button. It doesn’t harm to smoke in public places like cigarettes, as far as research goes. It doesn’t contain the amount of burning that cigarette smoking does.

  8. Vapes are easy to maintain

    Maintaining the vape is something that doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. It can last for quite a long time if you are not smoking much and it’s rechargable.

  9. It costs less

    Cigarette taxes have increased drastically worldwide whereas vaping only requires buying the juice for the vape which can last as long as a month.

  10. Vapes are convenient

    Vaping is far more convient than smoking cigarettes, hooka, pipe or even cigars. You can use it indoors without having to worry about cleaning an ashtray or burning a house down while falling asleep.

  11. They have rechargable batteries

    Most of vapes have rechargable batteries with a USB connection which means that they can be charged anywhere, with ease and without effort.

  12. Experimenting with flavors

    A lot of people like building their own flavors and fixing the coils for the vapes.

  13. Playing with vapor

    Some places held vape competitions to see who can play with the vapor in a better way. That has drastically heightened the popularity of vapes.

  14. People believe its healthier

    A lot of people believe that vaping is a lot healthier than smoking cigarettes which is understable despite the lack of research on that area. (See Top 10 Smokeless Tobacco Brands)

  15. They vape to relax

    Some people vape to relax while sitting; playing with vapor clouds which is fun and meditating at the same time.

  16. They vape for medical therapy

    Vape herbalists often include healthy herbs in the vape oil to stimulate medicinal therapy.

  17. Vaping is becoming a social trend

    Vaping is becoming a social trend where people meet up to vape or have vaping parties and competitions.

  18. They smell nice

    While cigarettes and cigars have a peculiar stench to them, vaping has an often nice aroma that is derived from nature.

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