JAN23 Pinky Finger Why do guys grow their pinky nail long?

Why do guys grow their pinky nail long?

Alex Williams
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  1. This might sound a little weird to you, but yes, various men grow their pinky nail long as it makes it easier for them to pick their ears. This is usually done by people of lower social classes in countries like China. (See, What does touching your ear mean in body language?)

  2. To get better fortune

    As per few cultures, a long pinkie nail is considered a sign of wealth and fortune. Also, palmistry says that if a pinkie nail is longer than the distal knuckle on his ring finger, it is considered lucky and intelligent. Numerous people grow their pinky nail so that they get better palmistry readings.

  3. The person doesn’t do manual labour

    Many regions grow their pinkie nail to show that they are not doing manual labour. It can also be said that they try to show off that they belong to a higher class.

  4. To clean their nose

    This might sound unbelievable, but they actually grow the nail of their finger to wipe their nose or scratch certain areas of their body.

  5. To handle drugs

    This is true that various people grow their pinky fingernail to take drugs easily, such as cocaine, etc. Many people think that this is a myth, but no people really do it to become easy for them to take drugs. (See Why are some rich people stingy?)

  6. To use it as a tool

    People grow this nail to use it as a tool or handle objects. This reason is a little strange, but people actually do this.

  7. This finger is not used much

    A lot of people grow the nail of the last finger as this finger is not used much. As it becomes difficult to use the hand if other nails are big, so pinky is fingernail is the best to grow nails.

  8. To increase the use of this finger

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