Why do computer Hardware Fail?

Alex Williams
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  1. Heat affecting the hard drive

  2. Power supplies components are the most exposed to failure

    Power supply manufacturing mostly use cheap components that could result in easy component burning due to overheating. That’s one of the reasons that power supplies could be the first to die in the computer.

  3. Hard disk fails in the first months

    Hard disks are at high risk of failure due to the physical movement that happens in hard disks. This could result in having a bad sector on the hard disk. If a hard disk doesn’t fail in the first few months, it will probably live long.

  4. Fans are exposed to wear effect

    Fans are ranked among the components that could have problems fast. This is due to the wear effect resulting from the fast moving parts inside the fan. Also if it’s a CPU fan, it could be ruined from the high temperature CPU produces.

  5. Water damage

    Water can conduct electricity through the hardware circuit boards which could result in a short circuit inside the boards which can either cause great damage to the components or a very high temperature in a specific point on the board that could burn components.

  6. Some corrupted files could cause hardware damage

    Whenever a computer is forced to shut down, there’s a probability that the computer could generate corrupted files. These files could damage the computer hardware on the long term.

  7. Physical shocks

    If a computer falls on a rough surface that exerts some force on the computer, it could damage circuit components or even break the board itself.

  8. High current

    If an electricity black out happens while you’re using your computer when it’s plugged, there’s a possibility that a high current could appear in the power lines powering the computer. This could burn components immediately. (See Why PC users hate Mac computers?)

  9. Leaking capacitors

    Some capacitors that are placed on motherboards or power supplies could result in the complete crash of the whole computer. This normally starts to happen as time passes as the charges inside the capacitor are critical in determining the capacitor’s lifetime.

  10. Over-clocking

    If the computer user uses over-clocking on any of the computer components, it could cause hardware failure, as over-clocking results in heating and heating is the opposite of hardware lifetime. (See How to connect Android Studio with Bitbucket Git repository across multiple computers)

  11. Low quality hardware

    Sometimes the manufacturing factory does a mistake in the quality control unit that could result in the failure of some of their products.

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