Why did Hannah Baker kill herself in 13 Reasons Why?

Why Hannah Baker killed herself in 13 Reasons Why? Who is responsible for Hannah’s death?
  1. Justin ruined her reputation

    Justin ruined Hannah’s reputation by taking a picture of her showing her underwear during their first date. This picture was later sent to the whole school by Justin’s friends.

  2. Alex ruined her reputation

    Alex created his list, which included Hannah. The list ruined Hannah’s reputation even more and made others believe she is an easy girl. Alex also abandoned Hannah and dated Jessica.

  3. Tyler ruined her reputation

    Tyler ruined Hannah’s reputation even more by stalking her, taking pictures of her in her bedroom and then circulating the pictures around the school.

  4. Courtney betrayed her

    Courtney lied about the picture that included her and Hannah to protect her own reputation. She told a different story about the picture and stopped talking to Hannah. Hannah felt really bad about losing another friend.

  5. Marcus fooled her

    Marcus dated Hannah for one day just because he believed she was easy. When she refused to comply, he called her an easy girl and just left during the date.

  6. Zach removed her emotional support

    After Zach and Hannah had a small fight, Zach started removing the positive anonymous messages Hannah used to get, and so he assisted in ruining her mood.

  7. Ryan embarrassed her

    Ryan took Hannah’s personal poem and published it in the school magazine, thus causing her embarrassment since the poem was too personal.

  8. Sheri left her alone

    Sheri left Hannah alone in the street in the middle of the night because the latter insisted on calling the police to tell them about the stop sign. Sheri crashed. Later Jeff was killed in an accident because of the same stop sign Sheri destroyed. (See Why didn’t Bryce Walker get the tapes in 13 Reasons Why?)

  9. She whiteness Jessica’s rape

    Hannah whiteness Jessica’s rape by accident. She was devastated by Justin’s indifference towards the event.

  10. Clay was passive

    Even though Hannah said in the tape that Clay wasn’t one reason she killed herself, Clay’s passiveness resulted in more emotional devastation for Hannah. Clay should have told her about his emotions earlier and gave her more support.

  11. 11Bryce rapped her

    Bryce Rapped Hannah. This was one of the most devastating events that happened to Hannah in school.

  12. Mr Porter wasn’t supportive

    Mr Porter didn’t give full support. Even though Hannah went to talk to Mr Porter right before she commits suicide, the man wasn’t that helpful, and he just allowed her to leave.

  13. Hannah was lonely

    Hannah was extremely lonely as she didn’t have enough loving friends. She lost most of her friend and got betrayed by the rest. The loneliness was more than she could take.

  14. Hannah was bullied

    Hannah was bullied by so many people in school. She was trying hard to make friends, but most people responded with bullying and rumours about her.

  15. Her parents didn’t notice her pain

    Hannah’s parents were too busy with their own lives that they didn’t notice the pain she was going through. Even though they were loving parents, they failed to notice any warning sign that Hannah is going through a lot of pain. (See Why 13 Reasons Why TV is a good show?)

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