Why Am I Afraid of Heights? Are you Acrophobic?

Alex Williams
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  1. Due to a traumatic experience

  2. It is passed on from the parents

    In some cases, parents pass their fear of heights to their children who grow to have acrophobia or fear of heights.

  3. It is an innate trait

    Some scientists believe that human beings are born with a natural fear of heights. This is why children are cautious around high places. However, it can become a phobia with age and experience.

  4. Due to fear of death

    Some people have a serious fear of death, which may prevent them from putting themselves in dangerous situations such as being in a high place. (See What does it feel like to die?)

  5. You hate to lose control

    Some people are afraid of heights because they don’t like losing control when they are in a high place that they find dangerous and could lead to a deadly fall. See also Why am I afraid of flying.

  6. You lose your balance

    As we get older, our sense of balance becomes worse, which frightens some people and makes them fear for their lives when they are in a high place.

  7. They have people to take care of

    Some people are frightened by heights because there’s a possibility of falling. Since older adults might have children and a family to take care of, their phobia might intensify.

  8. You have an anxiety disorder

    If you have an anxiety disorder that can be easily triggered by being in high places, you might have a fear of heights as a result. (See  Why am I afraid of flying?)

  9. Not being used to heights

    A person can sometimes be afraid of heights simply because humans don’t generally live or dwell in very high places.

  10. Hearing about bad events

    The news is filled with people, especially children, falling to their death from high places. This could make a person become afraid of heights.

  11. A person you know had a bad past experience

    If you know a person who had a bad past experience related to heights, you might become afraid of heights since you become unconsciously afraid of going through the same experience.

  12. Due to fear of falling

    Fear of falling is different than fear of heights, as it is associated with the dangerous consequences of falling such as suffering from serious injuries. In some cases, fear of falling can develop into fear of heights.

  13. You are overly cautious

    People who are overly cautious might fear anything that might be connected to a threat. An overly cautious person won’t feel comfortable in elevated places.

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