How does it feel like to fly on a plane for the first time?

What to Expect Being on a Plane for the First Time? What does it feel like to fly a plane for the first time?
  1. Like a fast moving car – Runway

    Before the plane takes off, it moves fast on the ground. This will feel exactly like being in a speeding car. You might feel the inertia pulling your body back a little. This will be a very brief moment as the plane will have to leave the runway.

  2. Like a fast elevator – Takeoff

    The take off will feel exactly like a fast elevator taking off with a curved angle. You will feel the force of inertia pulling your body down a little bit.

  3. Your ears might hurt

    As a result of the pressure difference, your ears might hurt if you are not used to pressure changes. This is very similar to the feeling you get when you drive your car up a hill.

  4. A little noisy

    While you are in the air, you will hear the sounds of the engine. This might seem a little noisy before your brain adjusts to it. This might only take few minutes.

  5. Your ears will become better

    As your body adjusts to the difference in pressure, your ears will feel normal once again. At some points, you might feel air coming out of your ears, which happens when your body is adjusting to pressure.

  6. The plane might shake

    If there is turbulence in the air, which sometimes happens, the plane might shake. This shaking can sometimes be vigorous and scary. It’s the same feeling you would get when a bus starts shaking. (See Why am I afraid of flying?)

  7. You won’t feel the movement – Midair

    While in midair, you will hardly feel the movement of the plane. This part is usually smooth and you can walk around in the plane or go to the bathroom.

  8. A bit like falling – Landing

    During landing, you might feel for a second like you are in a falling elevator. The intensity of this feeling depends on the pilot’s skillfulness. (See What to do when an elevator falls?)

  9. Gradual descent

    Most of the landing part feels like gradual descent of an elevator. Brief moments of fast descent could be felt as well.

  10. Your ears might hurt again

    The pressure will change again as the plane lands so you will experience the same feeling you experienced during take off.

  11. Slight impact

    When the wheels of the plane hit the ground, you will feel a slight impact. The impact could be stronger if the pilot wasn’t good, but in all cases it’s nothing to be afraid of.

  12. Fast moving car – Final step

    The plane will move on the ground fast before it stops. This will feel like a fast moving car slowing down before it stops completely.

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