Why Alexander was called The Great?

Why was Alexander known as Alexander the Great? Why is Alexander called ‘Great’?
  1. He never lost a battle

    According to historians, Alexander never lost a single battle even though he fought many ones and conquered a large number of cities.

  2. Conquered most of the known world

    Alexander managed to conquer most of the known world in less than 15 years.

  3. Great achievement at a young age

    Alexander made those impressive achievements at a very young age. He started ruling at a young age, and by the age of 32, he had conquered a large part of the known world.

  4. He defeated much larger armies

    Alexander was able to defeat armies that are much larger than his. According to some estimates, he won the battle against the Persians with an army that is one fifth of their size. Some modern historians say that the army was only double the size of Alexander’s army.

  5. He innovated many new war concepts

    Alexander’s innovative concepts in war, weapons and army tactics helped him defeat armies containing many more men than his army. He used battle techniques that no one before him used.

  6. He was a good ruler

    Alexander didn’t destroy the cities he captured or tried to force a cultural change. Instead, he gave people a lot of freedom. This allowed his name to remain in many of the cities he captured. (See How Alexander the great defeated the Persians at Gaugamela?)

  7. Establishing Greek states

    Alexander used to establish Greek states modeled on Greek institutions when he captured a city. Many of those states flourished after his death.

  8. Spreading the Greek culture

    Alexander spread the Greek culture and language as he conquered cities. Greek philosophy later became the basis of western civilization.

  9. He was seen as a liberator

    Some nations view Alexander as a liberator or savior. The fact that some people loved him helped him earn the title.

  10. Named 70 cities after himself

    Alexander named many cities after himself. Some say he named more than 70 cities with the name Alexandria. (See Why Hitler hated Jews?)

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