Why Hitler hated Jews?

Alex Williams
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  1. He blamed them for the economic crisis

  2. He blamed them for loss of world war one

    Hitler blamed the Jews for the loss of WWI. He believed that Germans were stabbed in the back by Jews and that’s why they lost the war.

  3. His Master Race theory

    Hitler believed that only white people of Nordic decent were worthy to be called a master Race. Some people believe that Hitler hated Jews Because they looked different.

  4. He believed they are Disloyal and untrustworthy

    Hitler believed that Jews are Disloyal and untrustworthy. He believed they can never be proper German citizens.

  5. He believes they got too much Economic influence

    Hitler believed that Jews have gained much Economic influence that they became dangerous to the German economy.

  6. He believed they manipulated Americans, British and Russians

    Hitler believed the Allies won the war because Jews were manipulating Americans, British and Russians behind the scenes. (See How Did the Americans Win the Revolutionary War?)

  7. He believed they were the root of all evil

    Some people believe that Hitler thought that Jews were the root of all evil and as a result he hated them.

  8. He believed they are an unnatural Race

    Hitler believed that Jews were an unnatural race that threatened other races.

  9. Hitler believed Jews wanted to dominate the planet

  10. He was affected by Anti-Jew writings

    Hitler was influenced by writings that went against Jews. The problem of Hatred of Jews existed before Hitler came but he became an extremist in implementing those ideas.

  11. He could have blamed his personal failures on them

    Some people suggest that Hitler blamed his early failures in life on Jews who were filling important positions that he didn’t mange to fill.

  12. He believed they caused wars

    Hitler believed Jews caused wars. He blamed them in one of his speeches and said that they will pay for it if another war happened. (See How War Affects Economy?)

  13. He believed they are biologically different

    Hitler believed that Jews are Biologically different. He believed that a person is born a Jew and that this makes him inferior.

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