Who was the Greatest King of ALL TIME?

Who was the Greatest King of all time? Who was the Strongest King in History? Who were the Best and Bravest Kings in History? Who was the Worst Ruler in History? Who is the Unbeaten King in World History?

Before the advent of modern democracy in the Twentieth Century, most regions of the world were kingdoms ruled by kings and queens. Despite the inception of the idea of democracy as early as the 16th century, monarchies were prevalent throughout the world. The fantastical nature of monarchy, the romanticization of a ruler, and a regal kingdom feel distant today. However, with monarchy’s rich history, we have a gallery of good, bad, strong, weak, and occasionally, even funny kings. In this article, we will take a deep dive into history to determine the greatest king of all time, or at least the greatest king in world history, and maybe even stumble across the strongest king in the world.

1. Who was the Greatest King of all time?

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The greatest king in world history or the G.O.A.T among kings is a question with many answers. Great as an abstract non-distinct adjective is prone to subjectivity. Do we consider greatness as an extension of power? Could you say the strongest king in the world is the greatest? Well, it is all subjective. However, if greatness were a popularity contest, we’d be capable of reaching a general answer. The people’s opinions are prominently divided among several rulers. They are

2. Who is the Unbeaten King in World History?

Some might consider the strongest king in the world or the greatest king of all time to be the unbeaten king. However, that may not stand true. There are a lot of factors that go into being the Muhammad Ali of monarchs. It takes strategic competence, favorable locations, sizeable armies, and wealth to pull off the feat of being unbeaten. There is more than one ruler that holds this title. Alexander the Great of the Macedon Empire, Demetrius I or Damaytra of the Greek-Bactria (later Indo-Greek) kingdom, and Peshwa Bajirao of the Maratha Empire are some unbeaten rulers. (See How did Alliances lead to World War 1?)

3. Who is the Bravest King in the World?

The dreamy legends of the greatest king in world history would have us believe kings are brave, honorable, compassionate, and loveable leaders like romanticized demigods. In reality, they were mortals and have flaws. World history has several kings that their citizens loved and many brave ones whose lives are the stories of epics. Making his second appearance is Alexander the Great, the Macedon King. He fought along with his troop on the frontlines in every battle. He also adopted many foreign cultural practices to imbibe loyalty in his troops. With his bravery, Alexander conquered a kingdom that spanned Greece, India, Macedonia, and Egypt by the time he was 32. (See Why Alexander was called The Great?) 

4. Top 10 Greatest Kings in World History

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Following the popular Youtube channel WatchMojo, let us do a king ranking. Taking traits like public support, kingdom size, and strategic and political competence, here is a top ten list of kings. The kings on this list will give you an idea of the greatest king of all time.

  • Cyrus the Great: Cyrus II, or Cyrus the Great, was a Persian king. He founded the Achaemenid Empire. His reign lasted from 559 BC to 530 BC. Most of Western Asia and part of Central Asia were a part of his empire. (See How would you Explain the Rise of Napoleon?)
  • King Augustus Caesar: King Augustus Caesar is one of the most popular Roman Emperors of all time. He reigned from 27 BC to 14 AD. His empire spanned most of Europe and parts of Western Asia and Northern Africa.
  • Pharaoh Thutmose III: Thutmose III is a Pharaoh of the Egyptian Dynasty. He was the Pharaoh between 1479 BC and 1425 BC. He ruled over all of Egypt, parts of Northern Africa, and parts of the Middle East.
  • Ashoka the Great: Ashoka the Great is an Indian Emperor of the Mauryan Empire. His reign lasted from 268 BC to 232 BC. He conquered almost all of the Indian Subcontinent, stretching from Afghanistan to Bangladesh except for parts of Southern India.
  • Henry VIII: Henry VIII was the King of England in the British Empire. He was king from 1509 AD to 1547 AD.
  • King Timur: King Timur or Tamerlane was a Turco-Mongol Emperor of the Timurid Empire. His rule lasted between 1370 AD and 1405 AD. His empire stretched across Afghanistan, Iran, and Central Asia.
  • Attila the Hun: Attila or Attila the Hun is the ruler of the Hun, Ostrogoth, Alan, and Bulgar Tribe. He was active from 434 AD to 453 AD. His kingdom consisted of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • King Louis XIV: Louis XIV was the King of France. His rule lasted from 1643 AD to 1715 AD.
  • Alexander the Great: Alexander the Great was the emperor of Macedon, an Ancient Greece Kingdom. He reigned between 336 BC and 323 Bc. His empire consists of Greece, Macedonia, Northern Africa, and parts of India. Also, check out how Alexander the great defeated the Persians at Gaugamela?
  • Genghis Khan: Genghis Khan was the first ruler and founder of the Mongol Empire. He reigned from 1206 AD to 1227 AD. He conquered most of Central Asia, China, Eurasia, and Northeast Asia.

5. Who was the Best ruler in the World?

Monarchy is complicated. To put it in perspective, the best ruler in the world is less like the best student in the class and more like the best politician. After all, the form of governance may change, but politics do not. The best ruler need not necessarily be the greatest king of all time. He could just be a loveable person who cares for his subjects. Some of the best rulers in history include Emperor Vespasian of the Roman Empire, King Henry VI of England, and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. (See The History of Medieval Jesters)

6. Who was the Worst Ruler in World History?

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Like the concept of the greatest king of all time, determining the worst ruler is also subjective. Are we talking about the worst to say they were incompetent, cruel, foolish, or evil rulers? However, we’ll consider the worst ruler to be selfish or incompetent to find an answer. The worst rulers in history include Queen Ranavalona I of Madagascar, Emperor Gaius Caligula of the Roman Empire, and Pope John XII. 

So, today you got to know about the greatest king of all time. Along with the greatest king in world history, the strongest king in the world is also discussed in here. Share the piece of information with your historian friends and relatives and see if they have known the names or not. (See Fall of Constantinople Effects)

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