Who Owns Milwaukee Tools?

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Milwaukee tools’ story has been written by the hands of the individuals who work behind the scenes, from research and development teams to strong sales and service teams. Even when the ink dries, their passion and talent will be the most visible and in a true sense are responsible for the success of all the Milwaukee tools outlet stores. And it’s what keeps writing their story. Milwaukee Tool was well recognized at the turn of 2000 for classic products like the Sawzall, as well as legendary durability. Let’s move ahead and see who owns Milwaukee tools.

1. Who Owns Milwaukee tools? Who is the Milwaukee Tools Owner?

Have you ever wondered who owns Milwaukee tools? It may surprise you to learn that your favorite tools are owned by only a few power tool firms. That’s true, most tool brands are controlled by a parent firm that also owns other power tool manufacturers and brands.

Techtronic Industries Company Limited (TTI Group) turns out, to be the Milwaukee Tools owner. It also owns the rights to the Ridgid and Ryobi brand names for cordless power tools (Emerson owns RIDGID). TTI, which was founded in Hong Kong in 1985, sells tools all over the world and employs over 22,000 people. TTI is a Hong Kong stock exchange-listed company with global annual sales of more than US$6 billion in 2017. See Who Owns STIHL?

2. Where is Milwaukee Tools Outlet Store Located in the USA?

JAN23 Who Owns Milwaukee Tools

The following are the Milwaukee tools outlet store locations.

Milwaukee Factory Service Centre Norwood, MA, United States
Milwaukee Tools San Diego, CA, United States
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation Denver, CO, United States
Milwaukee Tools Brookfield, WI, United States
Milwaukee Electric Tools Las Vegas, NV, United States
Milwaukee Tool Factory Service Centre Eden Prairie, MN, United States
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation Niles, IL, United States
Factory Authorized Outlet Ontario, CA, United States
Fasteners Inc Tool Outlet Sacramento, CA, United States

3. Give a Brief Timeline of Milwaukee Tools

A description covering Milwaukee tools is as follows in the form of a timeline.

1924: In 1924, Siebert purchased the company’s assets at public auction and relaunched it as the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation.

1930: Milwaukee Tools raised the bar even further in 1930 when the company received an equipment specification rating from the United States government for their newly developed electric drill.

1949: Milwaukee Tools advanced their series of sander/grinders with the addition of a spring clutch in 1949. Milwaukee also invented and introduced the first 1/2″ right-angle drill in 1949, allowing plumbers and electricians to drill holes in wood and steel even in cramped places.

1960: Albert Seifert, the creator of Milwaukee, died in 1960.

1965: The firm relocated from its State Street location in Milwaukee to its contemporary 212,000-square-foot manufacturing and office building in Brookfield, Wis., in 1965.

1970: Milwaukee experienced another creative burst of product invention during the 1970s, introducing the Hole Hawg, the first drill ever produced for large hole drilling of studs and joists in new home builds.

1974: Milwaukee made its first step outside of Wisconsin in 1974, in response to a new and large market for its products that had arisen in the Southeast. Milwaukee’s first site outside of Wisconsin, a 60,000-square-foot production factory in Jackson, Mississippi, was built in 1974 in order to be closer to a significant and emerging market in the Southeast.

1976: Amstar expanded further after acquiring Milwaukee in 1976, establishing a production factory in Blytheville, Ark., supported by a huge distribution center in Olive Branch, Miss.

1979: Milwaukee produced the first 4 1/2″ angle grinder built in the United States in 1979.

1986: Merrill Lynch bought the company again in 1986.

1995: Milwaukee Tools is constantly changing, and in 1995, the company was sold to Swedish tool developer Atlas Copco.

2002: Milwaukee opened a 100,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Greenwood, Miss., in 2002, and completed a 50,000-square-foot extension later that year to improve production capacities.

2005: Milwaukee was the first tool manufacturer to employ a lithium-ion battery at the turn of the millennium, and it was introduced to their V28 cordless tool range in 2005. In 2005, Milwaukee Tools was sold to the Hong Kong-based Techtronic Company so that’s who owns Milwaukee tools now.

4. Which Milwaukee Products are Made in the USA?

Ever thought about which Milwaukee products are made in the USA? Milwaukee Tool manufactures the following mentioned tools in the United States:

  • Bi-metal and carbide Hole Dozer hole saws
  • Sawzall reciprocating saw blades
  • Step drill bits in the United States.

5. What is the Typical Milwaukee Tool Revenue?

Milwaukee Tool, founded in 1924, provides innovative solutions to the professional construction trades that offer enhanced efficiency and unrivaled durability. The Milwaukee Tool revenue is $774.3 million. (Also Read Where is Milwaukee Tools Made?)

6. What is Milwaukee Yearly Sales?

Now that it’s known who owns Milwaukee tools, let’s move ahead and see the sales. Annual revenue in Milwaukee Wisconsin is $24.0 million. Milwaukee, Wisconsin has 3,000 jobs and an $8000 revenue per employee ratio. In 2021, Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s peak revenue was $24.0 million. (Also read Where is Breville Made?)

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