Which is Hotter Lava or Lightning?

Can Lightning be Hotter than Sun? What is the Hottest Thing on Earth? Can you Predict there is Anything Hotter than Lava? How Hot is the Black Hole?

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It is said that lightning is an awesome miracle created by God which shows the power and wonders of nature. We have all seen lightning during storms, it is beautiful and intimidating. We all know what happens when lightning strikes. So, which is hotter lava or lightning, what do you think? What is the hottest thing in Earth? Is that only the sun? Have you found out if there is anything hotter than lava? If not then we will let you know further in this article.

1. Which is Hotter Lava or Lightning?

It is said that lightning is very much hotter than lava. Lightning is 70,000º Fahrenheit, whereas lava is 2240º F. (See How Hot is Lava in Fahrenheit?)

2. Lightning: How Hot is it?

Now we know which is hotter lava or lightning. A thunderbolt can surprisingly be very hot, this is because it releases an enormous amount of energy within a small fraction of time, most astonishingly the temperature can go up to 50000 to 70000º Fahrenheit. Check out How many Degrees is considered Cold?

3. Can Lightning be Hotter than Sun?

Well, as you may already be aware, lightning may start fires and do significant damage. This occurs as a result of the energy unleashed after a thunderbolt attack. According to belief, lightning is five times hotter than the sun’s surface. The surface of the sun is 10,000°F, and lightning is 50,000°F. So, now if you ask which is hotter lava or lightning or the sun, lightning definitely wins in this case. (See How are Hurricane and Thunderstorms Similar?)

4. How can Lightning affect Human Beings?

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Lightning is obviously very dangerous to any living being not just to humans. If the heat strikes the person, chances are they get burnt or cooked dangerously. So lightning is fatal to all living beings. (See How do you Stay Safe from El Niño?)

5. What is the Hottest Thing in Earth?

It was momentarily the hottest thing on Earth when the matter was heated to 3.6 million degrees Fahrenheit (2 million degrees Celsius) by physicists. The Large Hadron Collider produced a temperature of 9.9 trillion degrees Fahrenheit, the highest ever measured on Earth. (See What is an Example of a Geological Event?)

6. What is the Hottest Thing in Earth made Artificially?

The hottest thing in the universe is the sun. However, there has been an artificial invention of the hottest temperature on Earth. The scientists created a temperature while shattering the gold ions altogether and at the speed of light. These ions strike and the energy that is released melts the neutrons and protons into their parts. This heat was 250,000 hotter and reached about 7.2 trillion degrees Fahrenheit. (See How Long do Lava Lamps take to Warm Up?)

7. Is the Sun the Hottest Thing on Earth?

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Pretty sure you already guessed it right. If you still haven’t guessed then here it is. Yes, the sun is the hottest in the universe. Check out How Hot is the Sun?

8. Can you Predict there is Anything Hotter than Lava?

Magma is hotter than lava, depending on how recently the lava reached the surface, and it has been discovered that magma is hotter than lava, although the extent to which the lava has reached the earth’s surface also affects this. Additionally, a check must be made to ensure that lava and magma are not both at the same temperature. The typical temperature of magma is 700ºC or 1300ºC, which can be approximated to 1200ºF or 2400ºF, respectively. Lava can occasionally be extremely hot, much like magma, although it can also cool quickly. The primary distinction between lava and magma is their differing temperatures. (See A Person Who studies Weather is called?)

9. Is Anything Hotter than Lava apart from Magma?

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No, magma is the one that is hotter than lava. Lava is the term for magma that forms during volcanic eruptions and rises to the surface of the crust. As a result, the magma cools underneath rather than rising to the surface, where it would have formed a disruptive rock. Below the surface of the earth, molten rock condenses to produce magma. Must read What Layer of the Earth does Magma come from?

10. How Hot is the Black Hole?

Black holes are actually extremely cold on the inside and extremely hot on the outside. Black holes are very cold inside, but hot outside. The temperature of the black hole is one-millionth of degrees above zero. (Also read A list of incredible scientific discoveries)

11. What is the Colour of Lightning?

Lightning is a flash of light, because of the high temperature it shines blue and white. The color comes from the light that electrons release and drop back to their original state. It is a sight to behold but can be fatal as well. 

Lava and lightning are both the hottest things that exist on earth. If you compare which is hotter lava or lightning, it is obvious that lightning would take the majority and win. This is because lightning varies from lava in terms of the degree of heat that it carries. Not only this, there is something that is hotter than lava and that is magma which is found on the surface of the crust. This was all about the comparison between lava and lightning. (Also read Which Instrument is used to Measure Wind Speed?)

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