What’s A Better Way To Say “I Appreciate It”?

Alex Williams
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  1. Meaning

    First, let us understand the meaning of “I appreciate it.” They might seem very simple words to you but have a very impactful meaning for both the recipient and the communicator. When a person uses this statement, he wants to say that your actions were worthwhile and mean a lot.

  2. Magic of Appreciation

    When someone is sad, depressed, or unhappy, you appreciate them supporting you or doing anything for you. They would not only feel happy but also get motivated to take a step further. (See In Arabic, how do you say “I love you”?)

  3. Other ways to say “I Appreciate it.”

    Instead of saying this statement, a lot of people also say:

    • I am grateful to you
    • It means a lot to me
    • Thank you so much
    • Your thoughts mean a lot
    • Your intentions are heartfelt
    • You are so thoughtful
    • I genuinely admire your efforts
    • I value your efforts
  4. Difference between “I appreciate it” and “Thank you”

    Many people use thank you instead of I appreciate it or vice versa, but there is a slight difference between them. When you appreciate someone, it means that you genuinely understand the value of what the other person has done for you.

    On the contrary, thank you means acknowledging someone for a favour. The difference might seem very small, but it is essential to use the right words at the right time as it leaves a significant impact and the other person really feels heartfelt.

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