In Arabic, how do you say “I love you”?

How to say I love you in Arabic? To say I love you so much in Arabic is said as ana ahabik kathirana.
In Arabic, how do you say “I love you”?
  1. How to say “I Love you” in Arabic?

    There are various ways to describe or show love in Arabic. But, the basic version of saying I Love you in Arabic is uhebak. This is said to be the most common and safe expression but is boring as well.

  2. Various other ways of saying “I Love you” in Arabic

    I love you so much is said ana ahabik kathirana.
    Jidaan means extremely
    Saying I love you to a man is said uHibbuka.

  3. Other phrases you will need for a date

    • Would you like to go out to dinner with me? – toḫrogī tetʿaššī maʿāyā?

    • Are you free this weekend? – ʿandek waʾt fī ʾagāzeẗ nehāyeẗ el-ʾosbūʿ?

    • Would you like to hang out with me? – ʿāwez noḫrog sawā?

    • What time shall we meet tomorrow? – hanetʾābel bokrah ʾemtā?

    • Where shall we meet?- hanetʾābel feīn?

    • Hanetʾābel feīn?- hanetʾābel feīn?

    • You are so cute- ʾanti ǧamīlaẗun ǧidan.

    • What do you think of this place?- raʾyak ʾeīh fī el-makān dah?

    • Can I see you again? – momken ʾašūfek tānī?

    • Shall we go somewhere else? – nerūḥ makān tānī?

    • That was a great evening- kānat laylaẗan rāʾiʿah.

    • When can I see you again? – ʾašūfek tānī ʾemtā?

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