What is The Importance Of Unity

Unity is Strength, Division is Weakness.

Read this brief account of the colossal importance of unity in shaping the destiny of humanity. Unity is one of the most dominant attributes of human behavior which keeps the entire humankind hand-in-hand with one another. When we stand united, we are much more powerful and secure. Whereas dividing ourselves based on trivial differences makes us weak and prone to failure. Thus, Unity needs to be prevalent throughout human society as it drives the idea of transformation for realistic development and collective achievement.

1. Unity for Survival

Survival is the key to almost every feat we want to achieve. Right from birth, the fight for survival begins and continues till death. Throughout life, we make certain choices, experience the good and the bad, and seek help from fellow beings, when needed. This tendency of helping others arises from the thought that all humans have an equal right to knowledge and opportunity, which is necessary to improve the quality of life and guide society towards equality. Negativity strains the smooth journey of life; while positivity over the sense of unity strengthens our will to fight and overcome obstacles.

For example, in a workplace, when teammates support each other,  cordiality is easy to maintain and targets are easy to achieve. Even in the case of animals, survival becomes easier when they hunt in groups. (Read A list of Survival Horror Movies

2. Unity for Growth

Another factor guiding the importance of unity is that it assists growth on both, individual & collective levels. Nothing in this world can grow on its own, without external support and care. Unity brings in additional constructive power by joining more hands together. Humanity will be able to reach its glorious destiny only if, we walk together while communicating and functioning as a group.

For instance, when the British invaded India, they used the Divide and Rule Policy to capture the country. Through their master plan of dividing the people into discrete indigenous groups, the people were kept busy fighting with their own countrymen while nobody paid heed to the actions & decisions of the British authorities. However, when the people united against the oppression of British authorities, India was able to gain its independence. (See Why some people have trust issues?)

3. Unity for Change

Another importance of unity lies in the fact that it brings about change. Similarly, even the structure of DNA exhibits unity. It is a strong, beautiful quality that can bring attention, freedom, change, and distinction. Working with people provides more advantages than working alone since it leads to effective outputs. Hence, to change the monotony of life and invent something new, unity is necessary.

For instance, no start-up will ever convert into a successful company, if the team falls apart or works incoherently. Likewise, a school project will never stand out, if the team members do not put collective efforts. Moreover, when spiders unite, they can tie down a lion. Unity creates change, for sure.

4. Unity for Courage

The importance of unity is providing courage to each & every individual who is a part of that united group. A number of times, we feel scared to stand up because we consider ourselves alone in an opposing crowd. But, with more people standing up against injustice, we feel strong and reassured. It gives us a sense of trust and courage as unity flourishes in its best form. Everyone in this world wants a change, however, nobody wants to be the first one. But, the truth is that the responsibility to take care of our country, our home and our people is universal. Hence, to act for change we need unity amongst us. This is another importance of unity.

Various instances where unity is required for sustenance are listed below:

  • The environment in a school or a college is not conducive if there are issues or failure to resolve those. It will lead to neglect in work/studies and diminish the quality of education. 
  • Similarly, for an office filled with resourceful employers and employees, substantial differences in opinions can affect team coordination, thereby leading to less efficiency.
  • When players in a sports team divide themselves based on their experience and distinction, they break the true spirit of teamwork. This would lead to bad performance.

Therefore, we must stay united because unity provides mankind with the vigor for survival and better results. And that is what we have learnt in these trying times of the COVID 19 pandemic.

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