What is Strong against Rock Type Pokemon?

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Rock-type Pokemon is a type of Pokemon that have a high ability to defend but are also weak. Then what is strong against rock-type? Some examples of Pokemon type are good against rock-type Pokemon too. You will understand this better in the Pokemon Go types strength and weaknesses chart discussed below. Also, you will learn in detail about what is good against rock Pokemon along with what is strong against Rock Type Pokemon.

1. What is Rock Good against? What is Rock Strong against?

Rock is good against ice, bugs, flying, and fire. Rock-type Pokemon have an excellent defense which distinguishes them from other Pokemon-types. Also, its greatest weakness is not very fast. You might think what is strong against rock-type because it is difficult to beat rock-type, but there are many good Pokemon against the rock.

Some of the famous Rock-types of Pokemon are:

  • Brock is the first head gym in Kanto.
  • Roxanne is gymnastics first head in Hoenn.
  • Grant is Kalo’s gym and 2nd leader.
  • Roark is the manager of gymnastics in Sinnoh.

While knowing what is strong against Rock Type Pokemon, you need to know what is good against rock Pokemon. Steel, water, grass, and fighting pokemon are good against rock-type. (See What Pokemon Cards are Worth Money?)

2. What beats Ground-type Pokémon?

Of the 18 types of Pokemon, ground-type Pokemon is also the one. This type of Pokemon causes damage with the special move and is represented by orange color. Along with strength, they also have weaknesses, like they can’t inflict damage on flying-type Pokemon. Some of these Pokemon Go types strength and weaknesses are:

  • Flying-type Pokemon: They can beat a ground-type pokemon since they have immunity from them as they fly high from the ground.
  • Grass-type Pokemon: These Pokemon are not caused complete damage by ground-type pokemon and have protected themselves.
  • Bug-type Pokemon: These Pokemon are not attacked by ground-type Pokemon and are resistant to them.
  • Water-type Pokemon: Their physical moves can cause special damage to the ground-type Pokemon and can cause them double damage.
  • Ice-type Pokemon: These Pokemon can also be used strongly against the ground-type because of their special damaging moves. Must read how to play checkers and win?

To name a few of them are:

  • Venusaur: It is a grass-type Pokemon mixed with the poison-type, hence a dual Pokemon. It evolves from lvysaur and is Bulbasaur final form.
  • Blastoise: It is a water-type Pokemon that is Squirtle’s final form and evolution of wattle.
  • Cloyster: It is an ice-type Pokemon mixed with water with some special moves to attack ground-type Pokemon. (See Top 10 Pokemon Characters of All-Time)

The attacks against ground-type Pokemon are:

  • Ice beam,
  • Hydro pump, and
  • Skull bash

3. What beats Dark-type Weakness?

Besides what is strong against Rock type Pokemon, one of the 18 types of Pokemon is dark-type Pokemon. They use special and physical moves. They are represented by black color and a crescent moon. They are overpowered and not even attacked by psychic-type Pokemon. Some Pokemon possess defense against them and beat them. They are:

  • Ghost-type Pokemon: These Pokemon have a good defense mechanism and a good immune against traps.
  • Dark-type Pokemon: One dark-type Pokemon can be another because they have a good defense system.
  • Fighting-type Pokemon: These Pokemon can cause physical damage to dark-type Pokemon because these Pokemon are effective at them.
  • Fairy-type Pokemon: These Pokemon are effective at offense and can be used against the dark type. 

To name a few of them, we have:

  • Lucario: It is a steel or fighting-type Pokemon that uses an aura sphere that is effective against the dark type. It is an evolved form of Riolu.
  • Breloom: It is a grass-type Pokemon having attacks against dark-type like a dynamic punch.
  • Genesect: It is a steel-type Pokemon mixed with bug-type. It is used to counter other Pokemon, like dark-type Pokemon.
  • Volcarona: It is a fire-type Pokemon mixed with a bug-type having bug buzz which can beat dark-type Pokemon. It evolved from the largest. Also, check out what is the best spinning top?

The attacks against them are:

  • Dynamic punch,
  • Play rough,
  • Furry cutter, and
  • Dazzling gleam. 

4. What beats Flying Type Weakness?

The flying-type is represented by gray color and a light gray background surrounding having a star as their symbol. Gravity pulls them down, which is their highest weakness. Rock-type Pokemon using its physical moves can beat flying-type Pokemon. Steel-type Pokemon are also weak like flying-type due to their defense against physical attacks and suffer less damage. As we are on the topic of what is strong against Rock type Pokemon, note that Electric-type Pokemon amazingly defend themselves from flying-type Pokemon.

To name a few of them are:

The attacks against them are :

  • Ice punch,
  • Head smash, and
  • Thunderbolt. 

5. Is there a Pokemon with 3 Types?

Yes, there are 10 such Pokémon with 3 types:

  • Yanmega: Bug/flying/dragon
  • Celesteela: Steel/flying/grass
  • Charizard: Fire/flying/dragon
  • Celebi: Grass/fairy/psychic
  • Lugia: Psychic/water/flying
  • Kyurem: Dragon/Electric/ice
  • Room: Electric/ghost/water or ice or grass or flying
  • Cradily: Rock/water/grass
  • Drapion: Poison/bug/dark
  • Beedrill: Bug/flying/poison. Must read about the what are hat tricks in soccer?

6. Pokemon Go Types, Strength and Weakness Chart

To know what is strong against rock, you can use the below chart. Pokemon Go types strength and weaknesses are given below:

Type Weaknesses Strength
Bug Fire, rock, flying Grass, psychic, dark
Dragon Dragon, ice, fairy Dragon
Fairy Steel, poison Fighting, dragon, dark
Fire Ground, water, rock Bug, Ice, steel, grass
Ghost Ghost, dark Psychic, ghost
Ground Grass, water, ice Electric, poison, steel, fire, rock
Normal Fighting N/A
Psychic Ghost, dark, bug Poison, fighting
Water Grass, electric Fire, rock, ground
Steel Fighting, ground, fire Fairy, rock, ice
Rock Fighting, ground, water, steel, grass Bug, flying, ice, fire
Poison Psychic, ground Grass, fairy
Ice Fighting, fire, steel, rock Dragon, grass, flying, ground
Grass Bug, flying, poison, fire, ice Ground, water, rock
Flying Electric, rock, ice Grass, fighting, bug
Fighting Fairy, psychic, flying Dark, normal, steel, ice, rock
Electric Ground Water, flying
Dark Bug, fighting, fairy Psychic, ghost

If you want to become a top trainer, this  Pokemon Go types strength and weaknesses chart is one of the most important elements. From Pokemon Go types, you may know the living and a type of certain Pokemons. For example, from the above chart, we can see what is good against rock Pokemon. (See Make Your Own Custom Fidget Spinner)

7. What Type is Immune to Rock? Is Rock Type Good against Electric?

Steel-type Pokemon are immune to rock-type Pokemon. So, let’s see what is strong against rock. Rock-type Pokemon possess a great defense system and save themselves from physical attacks. But their accuracy is low. These are the fossil Pokemon before generation eight. They are covered with mineral armors and resemble rocks. Generally, they are in combination with ground-type Pokemon and are immune to electric Pokemon and their attack.

Ground-type Pokemon are best against electric-type Pokemon instead of the rock-type because ground-type has good coverage and views against electric sensitivity. So, ground type is also what is good against rock Pokemon. (Also read 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards)

8. What Pokemon Type has the Least Weaknesses?

Eelektross is the only Pokemon with zero weaknesses among the Pokemon Go types strength and weaknesses. These do not have a weakness for the ground moves, which are the only weakness of the electric Pokemon. It is Eelektrik which evolved from Eelektross. Since it can levitate, thus it is protected from ground moves also. It is perfect for any team but may look frightening. Also, check out Which Pokemon Oreos are Rare?

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