What is Pulling Force?

What is Force? What is a Unit of Force? What Kind of Force pulls? Is Friction a Pushing or Pulling Force? Is Lifting a Bag Push or Pull?
what is pulling force

As we all know that force is the effect that can alter or change an object’s motion in physics. Force can be conceptualized as a push or a pull. The fact that a force has both a magnitude and a direction makes it a vector quantity. It is calculated using newtons as the SI unit of measure (N). So, what are the types of force, and what is pulling force? In this post, let’s discuss the example of pulling force. and we will also tell you some examples of push and pull. So, keep reading.

1. What are the Types of Force?

There are two different types of forces and they are further subdivided: 

Contact Forces:

  • Tension Force: The force transferred through a string, rope, cable, or wire when it is drawn taut by forces operating from opposite ends is known as the tension force. The objects at the wire’s opposite ends are equally pulled by the tension force that runs along the length of the wire.
  • Spring Force: The force that a compressed or extended spring applies to any attached object is known as the spring force. There is always a force acting on an object that compresses or extends a spring to bring the thing back to its resting or equilibrium state.
  • Normal Force: The support force applied to an object in contact with another stable object is known as the normal force.
  • Air resistance Force: When something moves through the air, there is a specific kind of frictional force at work called air resistance. A common observation is that air resistance works against an object’s velocity.
  • Frictional Force: The force that a surface applies to an object as it moves across it or tries to move over it is known as friction force.
  • Force of Gravity: The force of gravity is the force that draws an object toward a massively big object like the earth or moon.
  • Applied Force: A force that is applied to an object by a person or another object is known as an applied force. A desk is subjected to applied force if someone is pushing it across the room. The person’s force applied to the desk is known as the applied force.

Non-contact Forces:

  • Gravitational Force: Newton’s universal law of gravitation states that the force of attraction between any two bodies is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them and directly proportional to the product of their masses.
  • Electrostatic Force: The electric charge particles that make up the electrostatic force behave as both an attracting and a repulsive force. It is additionally called Columb’s force. However, an electrostatic force is one of the four fundamental forces of nature.
  • Magnetic Force: The electromagnetic force, one of the four fundamental forces of nature, results in the magnetic force, which is brought about by the motion of charges. A magnetic attraction force exists between two charge-containing objects moving in the same direction. The repelling force between two charged objects moving in opposing directions is analogous.

2. What is Pulling Force?

Pulling force

You are aware of all the types of force, now what is pulling force? When an object is subjected to a pulling force, it is moved in that direction, either by direct contact or by the action of a distant force field. Learn What are the Different Types of Motion with Examples?

3. Which Force is a Pulling Force?

What is pulling force? The pulling force is the force of gravity that pulls everything toward the center of the Earth. This is why we don’t fall off the earth. (See What is the Relation between Pressure Force and Area?)

4. Which Force pulls Objects to the Ground?

what is pulling force 4
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Gravity is a universally appealing force. All objects are drawn towards the center of the earth by the force of gravity. Find out How to Achieve Zero Gravity?

5. What is the Example of Pulling Force?

Examples of pulling force include opening a door, playing a guitar string, pulling a bucket of water from the well, and pulling a curtain. Must read What are Examples of Pulleys in Everyday Life?

6. What is a Pushing Force called?

A human can push an object by exerting force against it. It is called applied force. A desk will be subject to a pushing force if someone is moving it across the room. (See How Is Energy Measured?)

7. What are Examples of Push and Pull?

After knowing what is pulling force let’s see some examples of push and pull: 

Examples of push:

  • Closing the door.
  • Pushing the table.
  • Pushing the brakes of a car.
  • Pushing off the thumb pins.
  • Pushing a plug inside the socket.

Examples of pull:

  • Opening the door.
  • Pulling a rope.
  • Pulling a chair out of the table.
  • Pulling a kite.
  • Pulling trolley luggage.

8. Is Friction a Pushing or Pulling Force?

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Yes, it is a pulling force that resists a body moving over another body’s surface, either forward or backward. Any object needs to move across a body or another thing. Must see What Type of Energy is produced by Friction?

9. Is Gravity a Push or Pull Force?

No, there is neither a push nor a pull caused by gravity; rather, it is what we perceive as a force or an acceleration as a result of gravity is the curvature of space and time, which causes the path to slant downward. 

10. Is Lifting a Bag Push or Pull?

Lifting a bag is considered a pull force. Check out The Ability to do Work is Called?

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