What is POI in Trading?

What is meant by Poi in Banking, Trading and Food? What is used in making this Dish? How to eat Poi? Where to get Poi?
JAN23 What is POI in Trading?

I will, once again, say that English is a funny language. No, not because I am making fun of it but because there are numerous words with several meanings in different fields and aspects. Just like the word poi. Yeah, if you have heard about it, you must be aware of what is poi food, what is Hawaiian poi made of, and how to eat poi. But do you know what is POI in trading, and what is POI in banking? Or what does poi mean in general? Let’s find out.

1. What does POI mean?

Any specific point location that is interesting and useful to someone is termed the Point of Interest or POI. Consumers refer to hotels, fuel stations, or campsites with this term. Mobile service users are provided with the geolocation and POI service with a time-aware system. This system will recommend geo locations near the users with temporary relevance. For example, during winter the POI service will show the services offered by a ski resort nearby. (See How to identify a stock market bottom?)

2. What is POI in Banking?

When a person opens a bank account, he or she has to submit documents to the bank. The process is termed as KYC process and authentication. Here KYC stands for Know Your Customer in which the customer will submit the documents asked by the bank, namely Point of Identity (POI) & Proof of Address (POA). These documents are mandatory while opening an account. (See What is Production Concept in Marketing?)

3. What is POI in Trading?

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In terms of trading, that is, online trading, stock market trading, and other platforms, poi stands for Period of Investigation. So, what is poi in trading is the duration during which all the documents and other related steps are undertaken to check the relevancy of facts. (See What is Scarcity and Choice in Economics?)

4. What is Poi Food?

Other than knowing what poi is in trading, note that Polynesian traditional staple food made from plantains, taro, breadfruit, and other starchy vegetables is known as poi or popoi. It has a texture similar to paste. The freshly prepared poi will have a creamy, smooth texture with a delicate flavor when prepared traditionally. The purple color of poi comes from the taro corm. (See The Origin of Fried Chicken)

5. How does the Flavor Change?

The fresh poi is sweet and edible but the flavor changes afterward. After the poi is prepared, the sweet flavor will gradually turn the dish sour. It happens due to the fermentation caused by yeast, Lactobacillus bacteria, and Geotrichum fungi. The fermentation of the poi depends upon the presence of bacteria in the poi, but the fermentation can be slowed if stored in a cool and dark place. (See What is Pepperoni made of?)

6. Is Poi nutritious?

Poi is made from healthy ingredients that are rich in various nutrients. Taro (a root vegetable) carries low fat, and provides vitamin A and complex carbohydrates, making the dish healthier. It is easier to digest because it does not contain any gluten. Therefore, it is also given as a milk substitute to babies. This is one delicious meaning of poi that is way different from what is poi in trading. (See 12 Best Keto Starbucks Drinks and Food Options)

7. What is Hawaiian Poi made of?

The traditional poi is a thick paste made from taro roots. In Hawaii, also taro roots are exclusively used in making poi. However, in the Tropical and other Pacific regions, they make poi with a thick paste of bananas or pineapples. The pulp is mixed with coconut cream. 

8. What is the Texture of Poi?

Poi is a light purple color and is sweet with a sour tanginess. Poi is usually sticky in texture. It has the same texture as pudding. However, the consistency of poi can be thick or thin. The texture of poi is considerably defined by the number of fingers used to eat it. (See What is food art?)

9. How to eat Poi?

Traditionally, poi was eaten with fingers. Therefore, the thickness of poi depends on the number of fingers you use to scoop a bite. There are different ways to enjoy poi.

  • You have to take poi with or without rice and then accompany it with any dish of meat or vegetables.
  • Traditionally, in Hawaii, you will get a bowl of poi paired with lau lau (a dish made with fish), chicken long rice, or the lomi lomi salmon dish.
  • Some Hawaiian restaurants serve the dish with Hawaiian salt and Maui onion slices with poi. You have to take a slice of onion, scoop some poi with it, sprinkle salt over it, and enjoy.
  • Kids can enjoy poi by sprinkling some caster sugar on the top. Well, who knows what is poi in trading related to cooking as it is a delicious dessert for kids. (See What is food art?)

10. How to eat Poi with Different Foods?

This sweet and tangy delicacy can be enjoyed with other foods also. Take a look at the options below.

  • Bread made with poi mixed along with different fruits like banana, mango, etc.
  • English muffins filled with poi
  • Mochi donuts at poi
  • Poi ice-cream
  • Poi pancakes
  • Poi Smoothies
  • Stuffed cupcakes with poi. (See What to Make with Truffles?)

11. How to make Poi?

JAN23 What is POI in Trading?

The main ingredient of the poi is Taro. Take a look at the steps involved in preparing the dish.

  • Wash and clean taro. Remove the roots from the fruits.
  • Prepare the steamer or the underground oven (it is used traditionally in Hawaii).
  • After baking or steaming taro, it is peeled and cleaned.
  • Now taro is mashed on a wooden board with a pestle. The board used in this process is known as pap kuiai and the pestle is known as the pohaku kuiai.
  • After pounding, the paste that is formed is known as paiai.
  • Water is slowly and gradually added to this mash. It changes the thickness of the mash and at this stage, it is known as poi.
  • Water is added as per the required consistency of the poi.

However, preparing poi is not a lone task that can be easily done at home. Foundations and local centers organize poi days in which people cooperate in preparing poi.  (See 21 Types of Stinky Cheese)

12. Where can you find Poi?

Still, considering what is poi in trading over the dish poi? As it is labor-intensive, it is not preferred to be prepared at home in some leisure time. What to do if you want to try this? Well, then you have all the options for getting the poi including online ordering, dining, and take away.

  • Ordering Poi online – A local poi company named Taro Brand offers you dry and powdered poi. You just need to add water until you have the desired consistency and then use it in whichever form you want. For example, poi smoothie or poi muffin, or whatever you like.
  • Getting Poi at the dining – You can get to enjoy this dish with different twists as well as some traditional ways too in restaurants. Helena’s Hawaiian Food, Yama’s Fish Market, and Waiahole Poi Factory are in Oahu. Also, if you are in Kauai, you can enjoy it at Kauai Community College Farmers’ Market. (See What is the Most Expensive Truffle?)

13. What are other Foods similar to Poi?

There are some more foods that are available in the same consistency. Take a look at the list here.

  • Paiai – This is the mashed blend of steamed or baked taro without any water or additives. At this stage, you can also eat it. In a few restaurants, thin slices of paiai are made at this stage. They are glazed with shoyu sugar and grilled. They are topped with sesame seeds and served with nori (edible seaweed)
  • Kulolo – This Hawaiian dessert is made from poi mixed with coconut milk and sugar. It is more like a thicker version of poi that is available in small containers. (See 24 Oldest Fast Food Chains in the World)

So, today you got to know about what is poi food, what is Hawaiian poi made of, and how to eat poi in different ways. I hope what is POI in trading and what is POI in banking is no longer confusing. It is time to ask what does poi mean to your friends and family to see who got the right answer. (See What are Egg Roll Wrappers made of?)

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