The Origin of Fried Chicken

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With the evolution of the human race, they developed various things and different types of food, and various ways of cooking stuff were among the major inventions. Since we are talking about food today let us know about the origin of fried chicken. Along with this, you will also get to know about fried chicken history slavery, and KFC black history. 

1. Fried Chicken

The pieces of chicken coated with batter or seasoned flour and then deep-fried, pan-fried, air-fired, or pressure fried are known as fried chicken. You enjoy this with sauces and French fries. There are different versions of making fried chicken but frying is a must in every recipe. (See What to Make with Truffles?)

2. The Origin of Fried Chicken

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The origin in the southern states of America takes you back to Scottish and West African culture. As per the records, Scottish fried chicken was cooked in fat mostly, unseasoned. But the West African fried chicken was seasoned with spices and rolled in batter then fried in palm oil. The techniques of Scottish and African frying and cooking were adopted by African slaves in South America. Also, check out where did chili originate?

3. Fried Chicken History Slavery

In 1730, enslaved African-American women began to sell poultry, either cooked or live. Ingredients were pretty expensive during that time and for enslaved people, it was difficult to arrange things. Therefore, the dish was considered rare in the African-American community.

During the slave trade, Africans were brought to South America to work on the southern plantations. The slaves who worked as cooks began adding spices and seasonings to the traditional Scottish recipe as it was unseasoned. It brought a tasty twist to the dish. During the slavery period, slaves were not allowed to raise animals with expensive meat and were only allowed to keep chickens. Thus, having fried chicken on special occasions continued in the African-American community. (See What is the History of Waffles?)

4. American-Style Fried Chicken

After the abolition of slavery, fried chicken became a common staple among general people. It became famous among people because it goes long in hot weather and the cost also gradually became less with the growth of industries. So, after the origin of fried chicken, American-style fried chicken became the top choice among the people of this region that they want to have for Sunday Dinner. Then towards the 20th century, fried chicken was incorporated into the menus of chain restaurants, which gave a boost to the fast-food industries. Various brands like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Bojangles, etc. expanded in the States and world. Must read about the 65 Little Known Fast Food Chains In America.

5. Origin of KFC

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After slavery was abolished, the recipe traveled across borders, and people began to experiment with the tastes and flavors. During the Great Depression in 1930, a 25-year-old Harland Sanders decided to buy a Shell gas station with a restaurant. It was the beginning of the worldwide famous KFC. Then in 1952, it gained momentum, and it achieved large-scale success in the 1960s. And by 1964, there were already 600 Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurants in the United States and Canada. Also, check out what’s the difference between a cafe and a restaurant?

6. Black History Month

The annual observance of the contributions of African Americans to the United States is termed Black History Month. It honors all the black people from all the times related to United States history, from the slavery period in the early 17th century to all those African-Americans living in the United States today. It was first proposed by the Black educators and the Black United Students in February 1969. The origin of fried chicken was somehow related to black people also. Black history month began to be celebrated from 1970 onwards. In the United States and Canada, this month is observed in February. It is observed in October in the United Kingdom and Ireland. (See What do People Eat in China?)

7. KFC Black History

A controversy was raised mentioning that a post was shared on the official Twitter handle of the KFC. The tweet shows a picture of the fried chicken drumstick and behind it, there is a shadow of a fist. The post reads I hear you, I see you, and I stand with you.

However, KFC mentioned that it was not related to Black History month, and it was to mark Emancipation Day and was uploaded on the Instagram account of the KFC Trinidad and Tobago official handle. Although after the controversy fueled up and the screenshot of the Twitter post was rolling over the internet, KFC Trinidad put up an apology, and the post was immediately removed. (See Legend of the Pretzel)

8. Different Types of Fried Chicken

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Only KFC and other restaurants offer mouth-watering chicken. Some other places and recipes will leave you mesmerized by their tastes.

  • Barberton Chicken is the Serbian version of the fried chicken created by Serbian immigrants in Barberton, Ohio. It is also known as Serbian fried chicken. Since the origin of fried chicken and its versions are ruling the market.
  • Chicken Maryland is a pan-fried chicken that is often marinated in buttermilk and is served with cream gravy. This dish is native to Maryland.
  • Hot chicken is coated with cayenne pepper paste and lard then pan-fried. It is a common dish from Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Popcorn chicken is small boneless morsels of chicken that are battered and fried. They look like popcorn after frying, therefore they got this name. It is also known as chicken bites. (See 40 Lesser Known Facts About Fast Food)

So, today you got to know about the origin of fried chicken along with the fried chicken history slavery, and the controversy related to the KFC black history. (Also read Purpose of a Art Gallery Restaurant)

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