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What is Latent Function Sociology Definition?

Several social institutions have latent functions which can be positive or negative. Even if the negative functions are beneficial, they are dysfunctional for society. Do you know the difference between the latent and the manifest functions and what are their consequences? If not, in this article you will learn to differentiate the two based on the latent function sociology definition. You will also find an example of latent function that will give you a better understanding, so keep reading.

1. What is Latent Function Sociology Definition?

A social phenomena’s unrecognized and unintended consequences are based on the latent function sociology definition. During the period of the slave trade in the Atlantic, the latent function was to provide an underclass in a wide range which increased the southern rights social status for both rich and poor. Hence, any consequence of an action that is unanticipated is called a latent function. For example, the latent function of social media is to distract from boredom. The latent functions are responsible to influence behavior. (Also read What are the Similarities between Sociology and Anthropology?)

2. What is Example of Latent Function?

An example of latent function in the community according to the latent function sociology definition seen in families to make the bonds stronger, in social media to connect with more people and find the ones we lost, in education to establish a common language and relationships, and latent function of religion is to promote values and provide the community with social control. Another example of a latent function is the latent function of marriage which establishes strong relationships.

3. What is an Example of Latent Function in Community?

The unknown reasons or the reasons that are unacknowledged which means the unintended or unanticipated results or consequences of an action are the latent functions in a community. These are the undesirable effects of an activity. See What is Target Population Definition?

4. What is the Latent Function of School?

The latent functions of school include developing relationships with peers, increasing employment and labor force, and child care. Education also promotes unity and socialization in society. People from different regions connect and share their interests.

5. What is an Example of Latent Function of Family?

A strong bond and unity in the family is an example of the latent function of a family. Family members are less aggressive towards each other and stay together. These functions are often unrecognized but exist in every family which contributes towards establishing strong relationships in the family. The family members understand and support each other. (Also read What are Co Cultural Groups Examples?)

6. What is Latent Function of Marriage?

Complementing and supporting each other unintendedly are the latent functions of marriage. The partners understand each other emotionally. They meet each other’s needs and are ready to take on the responsibilities. So, the most important latent function of marriage is to create a family that works together and creates new relationships.

7. What are the Latent Functions of Social Media?

Social media offers a worldwide networking tool and help you to connect with people across the world which is the most important example of latent function of social media thus, proving the latent function sociology definition correct.

8. What is a Latent Function of Religion?

JAN23 What is Latent Function Sociology Definition
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Organizing people into different groups based on beliefs, views, and culture is the latent function of religion. People express themselves openly and reflect their identity over social media platforms which boosts their self-esteem.

9. What is Difference Between Manifest and Latent Function?

The difference between manifest and latent functions is that the manifest functions are intended while the latent functions are unintended. They lead to positive consequences but the manifest functions are planned while the latent functions are not planned. So, the manifest functions are usually recognized easily while the latent functions are not recognized as seen in the latent function sociology definition. Example: In a school, educating children is a manifest function while socializing is a latent function. Saving lives by providing good healthcare is a manifest function but simultaneously the increase in population is the latent function. (Also read What are Human Features in Geography?)


Written by Alex Williams

Alex Williams is a PhD student in urban studies and planning. He is broadly interested in the historical geographies of capital, the geopolitical economy of urbanization, environmental and imperial history, critical urban theory, and spatial dialectics.

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