What is Huckleberry?

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  1. What is Huckleberry?

    Does this question sound a little made-up as you have heard about them mostly in books or cartoon? But the reality is that they are original fruits. Huckleberry is a term that is used in the U.S to cite various varieties in plants; all of them bear tiny berries that have distinctive colours such as red, blue or black.

  2. Where are Huckleberries grown?

    These plants are mostly found throughout eastern North America and the Andes and also in the mountain areas of South America. In fact, it is said that you can find them more in the Pacific North West region of the U.S, especially in Montana.

  3. History

    Huckleberry refers to various distinctive plants from the Ericaceae family, which is a family of flowering plants. There are a few species of huckleberry plant that come into the genus Gaylussacia while some are a part of the genus Vaccinium.

  4. What does a Huckleberry look like?

    They are small are round berries which look very similar to blueberries. They differ in colour from red to blue and even black. Their seeds are comparatively bigger than the blueberries and are slightly bitter in taste. In fact, there are various areas in the U.S where huckleberries might be called blueberries and vice versa, but their flavour is entirely different.

  5. What is its taste?

    Huckleberries are edible and very scrumptious. Red ones have a tart flavour. Black and blue huckleberries taste sweet. They have a mild flavour as compared to blueberries.

  6. Where to find Huckleberries?

    The first option is that you may go wild picking huckleberry in case if you live in a region where they grow wild. It is a challenging, time taking and dangerous job as they are one of the favourite foods of bears. They can move large distances for eating huckleberries. Therefore, you need to check the surroundings before you take this chance.

    The next thing to keep in mind is that take a guide along if you do not have experience as he would assist you on which berry to pick as there are a lot of poisonous ones too.  But, if you reside in the Pacific Northwest, then you can get them quickly in the market.

  7. What does the phrase ‘I am your huckleberry’ means?

    You must have heard this phrase a couple of times, but do you know what its exact meaning is? This means that you were the right person for that specific job.

  8. Huckleberry Benefits

    They are full of Vitamin C and antioxidants. The best thing about this fruit is that they improve your immune system, which helps your body in fighting other diseases. Vitamin C in itself has loads of benefits such as it is suitable for the production of collagen, makes your skin look soft and less wrinkled. These berries are also rich in iron and prevent deficiencies that lead to anaemia.

  9. How do consume them?

    They can be used in making pies, muffins or any other dish. Also, you can use them for a good flavour in quinoa or make a tart or jelly from it. As there are an array of people who do not like its uncooked flavour.

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