What is DM on Instagram?

What is a Direct Message (DM) on Instagram? What is meant by DM on Instagram?
What is DM on Instagram?
  1. What does DM mean?

    DM means direct message on Instagram. This is one of the best features of Instagram as with this feature, you can privately send photos, videos or text to anyone you want. It is a private mode of communication among Instagram users. When you send a private message, only the sender and receiver would be able to see the content.

  2. Features

    The various features of DM are that when you react or send a message to people’s stories, it would directly go to their direct message box, and others would not be able to view it. You can get in direct conversation with anyone who follows you or you follow. If the other person does not follow you, then the message would go in the message requests.

  3. What can you do with Instagram DM?

    There are loads of uses of this feature, such as:

    • Send text messages
    • You can send images and videos from your phone’s gallery or Instagram
    • Forward the disappearing videos or images that you take from Instagram
    • Forward Instagram profiles
    • Send hashtags and locations
    • Forward posts or videos on your feed
  4. How to send a DM on Instagram?

    Sending a DM on Instagram is very simple and takes a minute to do it. For sending a message, it is essential either you follow them, or you should know their username for finding them on Instagram. Here are the simple steps to follow for sending a DM on Instagram:

    • The first thing is to open your Instagram app and enter your feed.
    • Now on the top right corner, you would see a paper airplane icon; click on it or swipe left from anywhere in the feed.
    • You would land on the page called Direct.
    • Select people you would like to send a message to or hunt for them in the search field.
    • When you get the account of the concerned person, tap on it.
    • Write the message or send anything you want, and the person would receive it immediately if there are no connection problems.
  5. Can you send a DM at any time?

    You can send a message anytime, but you have to be connected with the person already; the reason behind it is to avert people from randomly sending messages to others. It’s a great feature as no random person can trouble you by sending messages. This system is really safe, unique and powerful. You also have the power to block the other person even if you were connected at one point.

  6. DM on marketing

    People are using this feature of Instagram for marketing purposes as well. Users rely on this feature, as it is private and personalized. It is the right way to improve customer relationships as you take extra steps and reach them beyond email or phone numbers.

  7. Best practices for better DM

    There are a few things you should keep in mind while using DM. Firstly, you should respond to the messages quickly as in business, people do not like waiting, and you might miss the opportunity. You can use chatbots, also try and make the conversation personal; furthermore, you must manage the messages carefully.

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