What is Cultural Convergence?

What is Cultural Convergence? What is an Example of Cultural Convergence? What are the Benefits of Cultural Convergence? What is the Difference between Cultural Divergence and Cultural Convergence?
What is Cultural Convergence

Cultural convergence can be defined as the propensity of various cultures to adapt and change frequent exposure to other cultures. The similarity in cultures comes in when different cultures interact more frequently with each other. In this article, we will learn about cultural convergence, an example of cultural convergence, the benefits of cultural convergence, and the difference between cultural divergence and cultural convergence.

1. What is Convergence in Society?

Convergence in a society can be defined as an idea that leads to a condition causing similarity. They converge in one or more ways. It is also a multitasking process where a person could be listening to music while watching TV and texting his friends. (See What are the Similarities between Sociology and Anthropology?)

2. What is Convergence Culture in Simple Terms?

Convergence in society can be defined as a way of thinking that requires a problem-solving strategy to transform create and understand the overall system for acquiring a common goal. It is a way of advancing innovation, creativity, and invention. Integration and collection of knowledge can create and change in order to reach a common goal. (See What are the elements of culture in sociology?)

3. What is Cultural Convergence?

It is performed when different cultures and societies come together and cause similarities among themselves. For example, the English language is spoken by people all over the world, they are from different cultures and different societies. (See What are youth subcultures today?)

4. Which is an Example of Cultural Convergence?

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An example of cultural convergence is a sporting event. A sporting event brings people from all cultures and societies together. This helps people learn new customs of different cultures. Must see What are Some Cultural Aspects?

5. What is Cultural Divergence Example?

Cultural divergence occurs when cultures separate or become increasingly different from one another. It also occurs because of geographical divergence. An example of cultural divergence is The Amish of the United States of America who usually do not interact with other cultures. (See What is a List of Cultures around the World?)

6. What are the Benefits of Cultural Convergence?

The benefits of Cultural Convergence are: 

  • It helps in uniting people thus helping to focus on a common goal.
  • A society learns different and varying amounts of knowledge from different cultures through various modes of communication.
  • It is bringing countries close together with the help of media.
  • Exchange of ideas, products, knowledge, etc.

7. What are the 5 Kinds of Convergence?

The Five Kinds of Convergence are: 

  • The Technological Convergence
  • The Industrial Convergence
  • The Social Convergence
  • The Textual Convergence
  • The Political Convergence

8. Are Cultures Converging or Diverging?

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Due to Globalization which means the spread of ideas, beliefs, values, customs, etc. through the means of media to bring together people from different parts of the world, which has resulted in commonness, it can be concluded that cultures are converging. (See What is an example of Cultural Diffusion?)

9. What is the Difference between Cultural Divergence and Cultural Convergence?

The difference between cultural divergence and cultural convergence is that cultural divergence leads to dissimilarity among cultures thus resulting in separation from different cultures while cultural convergence leads to similarity amongst different cultures thus resulting in increased interaction and integration. (See How is Culture transmitted from one generation to another?)

10. What are the Effects of Cultural Convergence?

The Effects of Cultural Convergence are:

  • Due to cultural convergence, two or more cultures come together and become more similar to each other learning new traditions, languages, etc.
  • Leading to the spread of democratic ideas.
  • It leads to Globalization, which means the formation of a global culture with increased connectivity.

11. How does Convergence effect Culture and Society?

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Convergence affects culture and society as it leads to the Unity of Nature of different cultures, creates a human interaction ecosystem, leads to overall economic growth advances creativity, and much more. (See What are Man vs Society Disney Movies Conflict Examples?)

12. What is Convergence in Globalization?

Convergence in Globalization is a process of homogenization with multiple dimensions such as culture, policy, and economy across nations. Convergence plays a great role in political and technical innovations in the process of Globalization. Large Nations share cultural traits resulting in Globalization. (See Why Political Globalization is Important?)

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