What is a List of Cultures around the World?

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How do you categorize a country as absolutely beautiful? It is the culture that you get inspired by. Culture is the unique identity of any region. Culture is something that distinguishes the region and people from one another. Cultures all over the world are always beautiful to look at, and in this article, we will study the most popular cultures and how they are unique. Here, we present a list of cultures around the world that are considered very authentic. Also, we will look at some examples of culture and the most interesting cultures.

1. What are Some Examples of Culture?

Culture is a set of norms and values that a group of people ascribes. These are some beliefs and practices followed by people. Every culture has its own different set of practices that sets it apart from other cultures. These practices can reflect the geography of the place, the history and heritage, and the age-old traditions. To get a view of the list of cultures around the world, some common examples of cultures are:

  • National Culture: National Culture is the culture followed by a country. It represents that country’s specific characteristics and helps in its identification. Every citizen of that country respects and follows the culture irrespective of their personal beliefs and practices.
  • Regional Culture: Regional Culture is the culture of a region. It is not as vast and uniform as the national culture but is limited to a specific area. It reflects the characteristics of a region depending on its history, geography, and environment. It also reflects the practices and behaviors of the people of that region.
  • Popular Culture: Popular culture is something that stays for a particular period. It is followed by most people in a region but changes from time to time depending on new developments. Examples are liking a certain song or movie or following a particular artist for some time by most people.
  • High Culture: High Culture is the sophisticated culture followed by high-class people. Everyone does not follow these likes and interests; only a specific part of society follows this. Examples of high culture are liking opera, classical music, and dances, visiting exhibitions, enjoying gourmet food, etc.
  • Corporate Culture: The corporate culture is the culture followed in offices. It includes the etiquette, behavior, dress, and discipline that have to be followed by the employees. It includes the rules and regulations of the working space and the kind of responsibilities that one is supposed to fulfill.

2. How many Cultures are in the World?

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There are numerous cultures in the world. The list of cultures around the world is a set of beliefs and practices that are followed by a certain set of populations. Culture becomes a culture when many people start following and practicing it. It is not defined by boundaries or territories. Although there is a national culture in every country, there also exist many cultures that may not be as vast as the national culture. These cultures have their distinctive features and practices that set them apart from other cultures.

Researchers have identified more than 3800 cultures, but the actual numbers are far higher. There can be many cultures developing around each other, each with distinctive qualities. These cultures can be based on the history, geography, heritage, and political circumstances of the region. The traditions and practices define the characteristics of that culture and reflect its beliefs.

There are many types of cultures followed within a particular region. These have their specific characteristics. Even though they exist together with other cultures, they do not overlap because each has its own place and boundaries where it is followed. Examples of these types of cultures are high culture, corporate culture, popular culture, etc. Now, continue reading to know about the list of cultures around the world. (See What are Characteristics of Culture?)

3. What is a List of Cultures around the World?

The cultures around the world date back centuries and have been in practice for ages. According to researchers, there are more than 3800 cultures around the world. The culture is not restricted to the boundary. It can grow anywhere. These are a set of practices and beliefs that are unique from culture to culture. The art, clothing, food, and lifestyle of a person depend upon the culture they believe in. Here is a list of cultures around the world that are most popularly recognized:

  • Arabian culture,
  • Indian culture,
  • Italian culture,
  • American culture,
  • French culture,
  • Japanese culture,
  • Swiss culture,
  • Chinese culture,
  • African culture, and
  • Spanish culture.
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Although there are innumerable cultures around the world with distinctive features, some cultures are more popular than others. These are followed by a large number of people. The 5 most popular cultures among the list of cultures around the world are:

  • American Culture: American culture is one of the most followed cultures around the world. It comes with the fast-paced lifestyles of people. It is influenced by powerful political ideologies. The practices of the American culture keep the hustle of everyday life in mind and try to make it simple. American culture is full of vibrancy, with lots of beautiful dressing, arts, food, and values. It is an amalgamation of lots of religions and traditions from around the world.
  • Indian Culture: The Indian culture is one of the most vibrant cultures on Earth. It is full of lively and colorful practices that are just unique. The dress, food, arts, music, dance, values, and beliefs are magnificent here. Indian culture comprises many small cultures from the vast Indian land. It reflects the identity of everyone living here. It has a very rich heritage and is one of the most ancient cultures in the world.
  • African Culture: African culture is one of the unique cultures if we consider the list of cultures around the world. It has very different lifestyles, traditions, and practices that aren’t followed in other cultures. This culture is full of vibrancy. It has its own unique beliefs, values, and aesthetics with very rich art practices.
  • Arabian Culture: Arabian culture is a beautiful and rich-vibrant culture with a rich history. It mainly follows Islamic beliefs and practices. Arabian culture highly believes in God. This culture is full of unique practices and traditions that are its distinctive features. The various arts belonging to it, like paintings, architecture, calligraphy, music, etc., are awe-inspiring. It is one of the most beautiful cultures in the world.
  • Swiss Culture: Swiss culture is a unique and marvelous culture. It is now becoming trendy all over the world. The values, lifestyle, language, and beliefs are unique and can be followed by anyone because they do not demand much. The culture believes in growing together and having a holistic environment for the betterment of all. The food practices of Switzerland are fantastic too, along with some of the majestic arts.

5. What are the Major Cultures?

Some of the major cultures from the list of cultures around the world are:

  • Indian Culture: Indian culture is one of the world’s most ancient and rich cultures. It is full of vibrant practices and traditions. The languages, food, dressing, art, and values are unique. Everything has some thought and belief behind it. Indian culture reflects the vast areas of India and helps maintain every region’s authenticity.
  • French Culture: French culture is full of art and an artistic lifestyle. The French take pride in style and sophistication. The language, art, and food practices are very unique and authentic to France. Here, equality and unity are two of the most valued things. French culture is becoming quite popular all over the world.
  • Italian Culture: Italian culture is a very vibrant and beautiful culture, comparing it from the rest of the list of cultures around the world. It has exquisite food, art, clothing, architecture, and values. Italian culture is mainly influenced by its art movements and takes pride in its rich heritage. Gatherings and celebrations are a major part of this culture.
  • American Culture: American culture is one of the most followed cultures. It is a mixture of many different cultures from around the world. It takes into account the fast-moving lives of its people and offers practices that make the life of people a bit easy.
  • Arabian Culture: Arabian culture is a very beautiful culture from the Arab region of the world. It mainly follows Islamic practices. The clothing, art, and food are very distinct in this culture. The beliefs and practices are rich too.
  • Swiss Culture: Swiss culture is one of the rising cultures in the world due to its simplicity and elegance. It follows the concept of minimalism and believes in holistic growth.
  • South Korean Culture: South Korean culture is being followed by many. It is a very elegant culture with lots of rich practices. This culture believes in respect, sincerity, and loyalty. There are specific codes for every day-to-day task that needs to be followed. The art and music of South Korea are also exquisite.
  • Spanish Culture: Spanish culture is beautiful, elegant, and full of vibrancy. It is known for its art, food, clothing, and beliefs that make it truly authentic. It has a very rich heritage that reflects in its people’s daily lives. This culture is one of the richest and most marvelous ones in the world.

6. What are Some Unique Cultures?

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There are many beautiful cultures, and talking about the list of cultures around the world can be a tedious task. So, here we will look at some unique cultures and their distinctive practices.

  • The Head Hunters of Nagaland, India: A tribe in Nagaland, India, called the Konyak tribe, is known to practice headhunting. This is done in a fight with their opponents. The practice of ripping off the head was considered a mark of valor and bravery. It encouraged young men to follow this practice. They used to bring the head back to their community hall and display it there. After ripping off the head, the Konyaks got a tattoo on their face and chest as a sign of pride. However, now they are no longer into headhunting.
  • Black Hmong, Northern Vietnam: Black Hmong is a minority ethnic group. It is on the list of unique cultures because of the strong feminist values of this group. This community follows gender equality strongly. Women here do the outdoor tasks; men and women are the bread earner of the family.
  • Akhu Tribe, Kengtung Myanmar: The village of Akhu in Myanmar is known for its distinctive Akhu tribes. The women of the Akhu tribes are known for their long bamboo pipes. They use these bamboo pipes to smoke. They proudly perform this, among others. They wear unique black headwear that is similar to a turban.
  • Thai Community, Thailand: A community in Thailand offers red Fanta to God. This is a cultural practice that may sound weird to you. The reason behind this is the ban on animal or human sacrifices. Earlier, Gods were offered sacrifices, but since there was a ban on these activities, people started to offer red Fanta to God, and since it is red, the same as blood, it became a perfect substitute.
  • Toraja, Indonesia: The Toraja tribe in Indonesia is a very distinctive tribe. It has a unique culture. They are known to decorate their buffaloes with flowers and colorful leaves. Another very unique feature of this tribe is the funeral event of the dead person. The body of the dead will remain with the family for a year in a coffin. Then, it will be prepared for cremation. During cremation, at least six buffaloes are sacrificed, and a feast is organized among the tribe members.

7. What are the Most Interesting Cultures?

Some of the most interesting cultures are:

  • The Kazakhs, Kazakstan: The Kazakhs of Kazakhstan are semi-nomadic and pastoral people. The origin of this community has been dated back to the 15th century. This community is known to hunt using eagles and horses. Hunting with eagles is an important tradition in this community. This has been officially recognized as a national sport in the country.
  • Masaai Tribe, Africa: Masaai are the ethnic group of people in Africa. Their colorful attire, music, and dance are popular attractions. This community holds its pride in its cattle. They are known to drink raw blood and milk and eat raw cow meat on special occasions. They have a vibrant culture, and they are proud of it.
  • Himba tribe in Namibia: This is one of the few ethnic tribes in Africa. There have been efforts to preserve the culture of this tribe. This tribe is far away from the influence of the outside world. The women of this tribe adorn themselves with a single leather loincloth and cover themselves with a red ochre powder-based ointment made of incense and butterfat. This gives them silky soft skin. They wear specific jewelry too.
  • Taos Pueblo Tribe, Mexico: This is another on the list of ancient tribes worldwide. Taos Pueblo is an adobe-walled village in New Mexico. They live without modern amenities like electricity and claim an aboriginal presence. The houses were perfectly maintained by the tribal people, which are estimated to be built between 1000 and 1450 CE. This is a very secretive and conservative community.

8. What is the Richest Culture in the World?

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The richest culture among the list of cultures around the world is Italian culture. Italian culture is very authentic and full of vibrancy. The culture of Italy reflects in its art, architecture, language, food, and music. This country has a rich heritage that influences its present-day practices. This culture is also influenced by the Catholic religion and its traditions. Italy is also recognized as the birthplace of western civilization. (See How can You preserve Culture in Today’s Living?)

9. Which Country is Number 1 in Culture?

There are numerous cultures across the world with multiple authentic practices. But some cultures among the list of cultures around the world are more vibrant than others because of their rich history and heritage. These have been internationally recognized, and efforts are being made to preserve them. The country that is recognized for having the number 1 culture is Italy.

Italy has been ranked first based on the characteristics like artistic legacy, architecture, fashion, music, literature, history, food, cultural attractions, and culturally accessible. Italy has very rich practices that have been around for ages. The country’s rich culture and heritage can be seen at every corner with its art and architecture. Visiting Italy is always a good decision because of this country’s rich heritage. (See How was Rome a Site of Encounter?)

10. Which Country has a Unique Culture?

There are many countries in the world with unique cultures. The list of cultures around the world is based on the regional geography, history, and landscape of the region. Many countries have the most beautiful cultures in the world. Some of them are:

  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • China
  • France
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Africa
  • Arab
  • Indonesia
  • USA
  • UK
  • Germany

We have now seen how different and beautiful cultures can be. The region they are based in and their heritage is the root of every culture. The interesting and marvelous practices of all different cultures are truly fascinating. We also looked at the list of cultures around the world. So, what is your culture, and what are its beautiful practices that fascinate you? (Also read How is Culture Transmitted from One Generation to Another?)

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