What is a Slam Dunk?

What is the Meaning of Slam Dunk, and When did it Originate? What are the different types of Slam Dunk Shots? What is the Meaning of Slam Dunk in Literature?

There are several sports played across the world. Sports have several terms related to them for stating a move, defining a strategy, etc. The term sixer in a cricket match denotes that the ball reached out of the boundary. The hitting player will get six points for it. So what is a slam dunk in terms of game language? Today you will read all about the basketball slam dunk and basketball slam game.

1. What is a Slam Dunk?

It is a type of basketball shot performed by the player by jumping high in the air. The player takes control of the ball before it falls into the rim or basket. He puts the ball inside the basket directly while holding the rim single or double-handed. It was also known as a field goal. This kind of goal is worth two points when done correctly. (See How tall is LeBron James Jr?)

2. When did the Term Originate?

Earlier, this shot was known as a dunk shotChick Hearn, a popular commentator, and announcer of the Los Angeles Lakers mentioned this term for the shot. In 1910, basketball courts were designed. During one upstart league (a competition where players showcase their skills, and if selected, they get a chance to be fully financed for further practice and sports education), Jack Ignis scored the first slam dunk. At that time the hoops or baskets were jutting out of the pole at that time. There was no solid boundary for the court, instead, a cage or a net surrounded it. (Also read 7 Facts About Dog Sled Teams)

3. What does Slam Dunk mean in Literature?

The meaning of what is a slam dunk in literature is a bit similar to that of basketball. The term slam dunk in literature or sentences means to achieve through extension, a sure thing, dramatic success, and an accomplishment.

Some example sentences with the term being used are:

  • The final vote proved to be a slam dunk for our team with 17 to 20 wins.
  • He is guilty, no doubt, and this case is a slam dunk.

4. Who Scores Slam Dunks during the Game?

Mostly, the team’s tallest players performed this move between 1950s and 1960s. These players were located near the hoop or the backboard. The other players would pass the ball to the ones standing near the hoop. Then the player would jump high and put the ball inside the basket with great force. This shot even crushed the non-metallic rims several times. Darryl Dawkins, David Thompson, and Julius Erving were the few players who made this move more eye-pleasing in the 1970s by involving flying high jumps and turns. (Also read Why Basketball Players are Tall?)

5. Who Scored the First Slam Dunk in the Olympics?

Joe Cephis Fortenberry, an American basketball player, participated in the 1936 Olympics. He was considered the first player to score a slam dunk in an organized game. During the Berlin Olympics 1936, he jumped high and pushed the ball down into the hoop, scoring the slam dunk.

Just like all other fields, women have also nailed his dunk shot. During a women’s college game held on 21st December 1984, a junior named Georgeann Wells played for West Virginia University. She became the first woman to slam dunk during the game. (Also read Fastest Female Runner in the World)

6. What are Types of Dunks in Basketball Slam Game?

There is no specified pattern or motion to describe what is a slam dunk move. Players in contests and leagues perform different slam dunk moves such as:

  • Professional Basketball player Isaiah Rider popularized the dunk during the NBA contest in 1994. This move later came to be known as Rider dunk. And ever since then, several players have attempted similar moves. (Also read How many games are there in the NBA regular season?)
  • The Double Clutch move is performed by holding the ball below the waistline for a few milliseconds. Then, the player puts the ball in the basket with one or both hands with a jump and it shows the speed and agility of the player. Although Michael Anthony Jerome, an American basketball player, performed this move while facing the basket.
  • And in NBA contests held after that during 1989 and 2000, players like Kenneth Walker (Kenny) and Tracy McGrady performed a 360-degree double clutch.
  • The Elbow Hang move was introduced by Vince Carter, in 2008, during the NBA Slam Dunk contest, 2000. This move is also known as a cookie jar, honey dip, and elbow hook. In this shot, the ball is not just dunked, but they put their forearms inside the pit and hang for a moment before dunking the ball.
  • The Tom-hawk move can be performed with both hands or with just one hand. The player jumps and raises the ball and then behind his head to wind it up, and then the ball is dunked.
  • In a windmill move, the player moves the ball around his waist. It is done according to the length of his forearm. Some powder is applied to the palm for a better grip on the ball. The windmill’s direction depends on the movements of players’ bodies as well as their playing techniques. (Also read How Long Does a Professional Basketball Game Last?)

7. Who Banned Basketball Slam Dunk and Why?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is an organization that safeguards the well-being and lifelong success of college athletes. This association functions as a general legislative and administrative authority for both men and women, intercollegiate athletes. It formulates the rule and sets the eligibility criteria for the athletes. Before the 1967 and 1968 seasons, NCAA announced a ban on slam dunks citing that it was not a shot that shows the skill of a player. The report clearly stated that players standing near or behind the backboard had been injured during a slam dunk shot. (Also read How Many Minutes in an NBA Basketball Quarter?)

Once the ban had been lifted in 1976-77, several players have shown incredible moves while dunking the ball. They keep experimenting with their moves, and every time they rise high above the hoop, the audience’s heart stops. Players like Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, De Ande Jordan, and Anthony Davis continuously make the dunk exciting every time.

8. What is a Slam Dunk Game, Manga and Series?

  • SlamDunk is a Japanese sports manga (comics) series written by Japanese manga artist Takehiko Inoue. The manga was released on 1st October 1990. This series was divided into 31 volumes, and the final volume was released on 17th June 1996.
  • In the year 1993, the manga series was adapted into an anime television series. This anime ran from 16th October to 23rd March 1996. The series was divided into 101 episodes and telecasted on Network Ten, AXN, and Animax Asia.
  • Alongside the anime television series, four movies on SlamDunk were released. But their content was completely different from the manga or anime series. (See 10 Best Anime Series)
  • Taking advantage of the immense popularity of the slam dunk, gaming companies have launched a real-time competitive multiplayer game.
  • Coined-operated arcade games have also been developed based on slam dunks. (Also read Pac Man Ghost Game)
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