What Happens to Your Body when You Fast?

What happens if you fast for a day? What Happens To Your Body When You Fast?
  1. Slow metabolic rate

    Your body tends to conserve nutrients as the metabolic rate slows down during fasting.

  2. Blood is moved to the body tissue

    When you are fasting, more blood moves towards other tissues as blood is moved away from the digestive system. This facilitates the healing process of the body tissues.

  3. Blood detoxification

    The kidneys help in the detoxification process by removing excess salt and water from the blood. This further keeps your blood pressure optimum.

  4. Decreased cholesterol levels

    In order to create nutrients, cholesterol levels that are already available in the blood vessels, keep on breaking down during fasting. It overall reduces the risk of heart attack and strokes.

  5. Detoxification of the body

    Your body will get rid of the toxins as no more toxins will enter your body when you are fasting. It is one of the best ways to clean your entire body and get rid of the toxins.

  6. Internal organs are allowed to rest

    Just like when we want to relax and go out on vacation for a few days, the same way our body’s internal organs also need to rest for a certain period. Fasting is the best way for the internal organs, which reduces the load they are subjected to. (See How to keep my Kidneys Healthy?)

  7. Diseased tissue die

    In case our body does not get what it is looking for such a certain amount of nutrients to gain some energy, it starts sacrificing diseased cells. This makes all the weak cells get dissolved, thus leaving only healthy tissue in the body.

  8. Binge eating will not be advantageous

    Even if you are practicing intermittent fasting and binge eating, it will reduce the fasting benefits as fasting can be immensely beneficial only if you eat right and in the right proportion. (See How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy by Luke Durward)

  9. Part-time fasting prevents muscle loss

    If a person is practicing intermittent fasting, it can prevent the breakdown of muscles and result in weight loss only when eating healthy. However, if someone keeps a fast without eating anything for days, it can break the muscles as the body is not getting the required protein and energy for its functioning.

  10. Longer life span

    According to some studies, people who consume fewer calories and do fasting are likely to live longer than fat ones or people who are carefree about their eating habits. (See How to slow down the aging process?)

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