What Happens to Your Body when You Fast?

What happens if you fast for a day? What Happens To Your Body When You Fast?

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  1. 1 Blood is moved to body tissues

    Because blood is moved away from the digestive system more blood is moved towards other tissues. This helps the healing process of tissues happen faster.

  2. 2 The kidneys remove more salt and water from the blood

    During Fasting the Kidney reduces the amount of salt and water in the body thus reducing the risk of high blood pressure (See how to keep your kidney healthy).

  3. 3 Slow metabolic rate

    The metabolic rate slows down during fasting in order to conserve nutrients (See also why do Muslims fast).

  4. 4 Detoxification of the body

    Because no more toxins enter the body through food the body's ability to get rid of already existing toxins becomes much higher. Fasting gives the body a chance to clean itself and get rid of toxins faster.

  5. 5 Decreased cholesterol levels

    During fasting the body can break down the cholesterol available in the blood vessels to generate nutrients. This action reduces the risk of a heart attack and strokes.

  6. 6 Diseased tissues die

    When the body need nutrients but doesn't find them it starts sacrificing the diseased cells in order to generate some energy. Weak and ill cells are dissolved thus leaving only healthy tissues in the body.

  7. 7 Internal organs are allowed to rest

    Just like we need to take vacations from work some of the internal organs need to rest as well. Fast allows some of the internal organs to get a rest by reducing the load they get subjected to.

  8. 8 Longer life span

    Some studies claim that people who fast or consume less calories are likely to live 15 to 30% longer. In some studies animals that were given less calories were found to live more (See how to reduce the effects of aging).

  9. 9 Part time fasting prevents muscle loss

    When a person fasts for few days without eating anything muscles start breaking down to provide protein for the body. Intermittent fasting , the act of fasting for hours instead of days, can prevent the breakdown of muscles.

  10. 10 Binge eating after fasting reduces fasting benefits

    Fasting can be very health if people eat right. People who binge right after practicing intermittent fasting usually experience much less health effects as a result of fasting. Binge eating after fasting can even make fasting unhealthy.

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