What does it feel like to lose a limb in an accident?

What is Life like after losing a Limb in an Accident? What is it like to lose a limb in an accident?
  1. Some say they felt numb

    According to the account of an amputee who lost a limb in an accident, the pain can almost be non-existent in the beginning. The body’s defense mechanism and the shock can make the pain unnoticeable.

  2. Some say they felt intense pain

    According to the account of an amputee who lost a foot, the pain was so intense and was described as unbearable. The person wondered how he remained conscious despite all the pain.

  3. It feels as if the limb is there

    The phantom limb sensation, or the feeling that the limb is still there, can remain for some time or even years after the accident. A person might feel that their limb is there and that they can use it only to remember in a fraction of a second that it doesn’t exist.

  4. Phantom pain sensations

    Some people get phantom pain sensations or pain in the limb that doesn’t exist. This can happen because the nerves of the lost limb might still be there.

  5. Pain returns after the shock

    According to the account of those who didn’t feel any initial pain because of the shock, the pain returns badly minutes after the event is over.

  6. Some people don’t realize it happened

    Some people don’t realize they lost a limb until they see it. The shock can numb the pain completely, and once the person becomes conscious of the event, the pain can begin. (See What does it feel like to die?)

  7. Itchy feeling in the non-existent limb

    Some people get a feeling of itch in their non-existent limbs. This can happen later after the accident and the reason it happens is because the nerves still work.

  8. Psychological shock

    Right after the injury, a person can get into a psychological shock as a result of realizing that they have lost a limb. (See What does it feel like to drown?)

  9. Partial amputation can hurt more

    If the accident resulted in partial amputation, the person can feel severe pain since a part of their limb might still be connected to the body.

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