What does it feel like to get stabbed in the stomach?

What does it feel if you got stabbed right in the stomach? What does it feel like to be stabbed?

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  1. 1 Initially you don't feel anything

    Many survivors said that in the first few moments you might not feel anything. In fact, you might not realize that you have been stabbed before you start to see the blood coming out.

  2. 2 You feel the pressure of the arm

    One survivor described the experience of being stabbed as feeling the pressure of the arm of the person stabbing you diving into you.

  3. 3 It feels like a punch

    Many of the survivors described being stabbed as similar to getting punched. Some of them said that they believed they were punched before they started seeing blood.

  4. 4 The pain kicks in later

    The pain usually kicks in later after the shock. Some survivors didn't feel any pain until they were hospitalized. They described the pain as very intense.

  5. 5 The pain can be very intense

    Some survivors said that once the pain kicks in it can be almost unbearable. Some said that the pain can make you unconscious.

  6. 6 You experience panic

    After you realize you were stabbed, panic might kick in for some people. A person might start to wonder whether he will be saved or not and this can increase the panic.

  7. 7 Hazy vision

    Many survivors said that they experienced hazy vision shortly after getting stabbed.

  8. 8 Panting and loss of breath

    Some survivors experienced intense panting and loss of breath after they got stabbed.

  9. 9 Becoming unconscious

    People could become unconscious after being stabbed if they lost too much blood or if the shock was too much for them to handle.

  10. 10 You get an electric shock

    Some people described the first moment as an electric shock where the body realizes that many nerve signals have been damaged.

  11. 11 You feel intense heat

    Some people said that right after stabbing they experienced intense heat in the affected area. The feeling of the warm blood hitting the body could also be felt by some.

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