What does it feel like to be in outer space?

How does it feel to go into space for the first time? What does it feel like to be in outer space?

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  1. 1 You float

    In Zero Gravity you will find yourself floating. If you stood still you will remain floating in the air because your body is not pulled by gravitational force.

  2. 2 A little push sends you gliding

    A little push will send your body gliding in space. It's as if someone has pushed a little boat over the surface of water. The difference in this case is that you will be floating and gliding without the sensation of water on your skin.

  3. 3 You might lose orientation

    Your brain can easily lose orientation in space because of lack of gravity. Your brain might think that you are falling and you need to exert some mental effort to convince it that you are OK.

  4. 4 There is no up and down

    In space there are no up and down directions. You could be standing upside down and feeling totally normal. You just have to find the orientation that makes you feel comfortable.

  5. 5 Body fluids move towards your head

    According to one astronaut in zero gravity body fluids move towards your head. She said that it feels like a face lift.

  6. 6 You get taller

    When you spend sometime in space you can actually get an inch or two taller. One Astronaut said that felt taller during her stay in space.

  7. 7 You might get nauseous

    As a result of the change of gravity some people get nauseous until they get used to the new gravity conditions.

  8. 8 You might get a strong headache

    As a result of the fluids moving to the head some people get strong headaches until they adapt to the gravity change. This usually happens in the first few days of the trip.

  9. 9 It's very hard to move in the beginning

    In the beginning it's very hard to move. People lose their orientation easily and bump into others all the time until they learn how to adapt to the new enviroment that has zero gravity.

  10. 10 Your logic gets mixed up

    During the first few days in space you might think that you are falling when you are standing upside down. You need to keep convincing your brain that you are fine until you feel OK and get used to it.

  11. 11 You might vomit

    As a result of the lack of proper orientation and the mixed signals coming from the inner ear your body might think that it's poisoned and this can lead to vomiting.

  12. 12 Total silence

    One Astronaut described the silence in space as true silence. He said that you could hear nothing, no sounds, no music, just pure silence.

  13. 13 Water flies in the air

    When you squeeze the bottle of water the water fly in the air like floating bubbles and you can then reach out to it and put it in your mouth.

  14. 14 Turbulent stomach

    According to some astronauts everything seems mixed up in your stomach until you get used to the zero gravity enviroment. This can lead to loss of appetite.

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