What does it feel like to be in outer space?

How does it feel to go into space for the first time? What does it feel like to be in outer space?

  1. You will not know what is up and what is down when you are in outer space. You will not be able to look out for any directions as the only way to make yourself feel comfortable is to find the appropriate orientation.

  2. Negligible Gravitational force

    You will notice there is very little gravity in outer space and not experience a free fall. For instance, if you throw a ball upwards, it will not come down.

  3. You are free

    You will feel very light when you are in space, which will make you feel free and the best part is you can fly a little bit.

  4. You might lose orientation

    As you will experience a lack of gravity, there is a high possibility your brain can lose orientation. You may feel like you are falling, but your mind needs to exert some pressure persuading yourself that you are totally fine.

  5. You float

    While you are in space, your body is not pulled by gravitational force because of zero gravity, which is the primary reason you float in the air.

  6. A little push makes you glide

    Just like when somebody pushes a boat over a surface of the water, it glides and floats smoothly. In the same way, if your body is pushed with a gentle force, your body will glide in space.

  7. You get taller

    You might feel that you have got a bit taller during your stay in space. (See What are the disadvantages of being tall?)

  8. Body fluids move towards your head

    According to the experience of some astronauts, your body fluids will move towards your head, which may make you face like it is lifted.

  9. You may experience a severe headache

    As your body’s fluids are moving towards your head in space, you may experience a severe headache until you acclimate to the space atmosphere. (See Why am I afraid of flying?)

  10. You might get nauseous

    Some people have also experienced nauseous during their stay in space.

  11. You might puke

    Some people have said that they could not adapt themselves and start panicking. One of the primary reasons for this behavior includes the lack of proper orientation and the mixed signals coming from the inner ear. This may make you feel your body is burning and can lead to vomiting.

  12. The stomach might get upset

    You may experience turbulence in your stomach, especially if your stomach is sensitive. Until you get used to zero gravity, you might also struggle to handle your loss of appetite.

  13. Water flies in the air

    Due to the lack of gravity, the water flies in the air like floating bubbles. You can squeeze the water bottle and easily reach out to put it in your mouth.

  14. Total silence

    You will listen to pure silence while you are in space. Some astronauts illustrate that one can never experience this type of silence on earth.

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