What does Hitler is Kaput Mean?

In what Context would you use Kaput? What was the Origin of Kaput? What does Hitler is Kaput Mean? Is Kaput German or Yiddish? How to Use Kaput in a Sentence?

Adolf Hitler is a well-known character who can alone make one shiver gained notoriety after he rose to power through the Nazi party. Having said enough about Hitler, let us understand another word that we came across- Kaput. When we hear the two words- Hitler and Kaput, the first thing that comes to our mind is the 2008 movie, Hitler Goes Kaput! It is a detective comedy film produced and directed by Maryus Vaysberg. But can you guess- what does Hitler is kaput mean? No! Worry not because this article will help you learn how to use kaput in a sentence, whether is kaput German or Yiddish and many more fun facts about Kaput.  

1. Is Kaput German or Yiddish?

Capot was adopted by German speakers, who spelled it kaputt and solely used it to refer to losers. English speakers began using the word kaput for broken, useless, or destroyed items when they borrowed it from German speakers. (See Which Latin Root means Light?)

2. Where did Kaput Come From?

Piquet, a card game that has been played for centuries in France, is where the game Kaput got its start. To characterize both large winnings and large losers in piquet, French players first adopted the name capot. 

3. What does the German Word Caput Mean?

So, what does it mean when something is kaput, or what does Hitler is kaput mean? The German word Caput means finished, dead, useless, or destroyed. Check out What is the Latin for Sunshine?

4. What does Gone Kaput Mean?

It means utterly finished, defeated, or destroyed. 

5. What does it Mean When Something is Kaput?

Before knowing- what does Hitler is kaput mean, let us read what does it mean when something is kaput. When you say something is kaput, you are implying that it is entirely broken, pointless, destroyed, or done. (See Word Play! What is Opposite Word of Familiar?)

6. What does Hitler is Kaput Mean?

Well, that’s how the Germans moored when they capitulated in World War II. Hitler and his anti-Semitism are the primary reasons that history has witnessed heinous massacres such as World War II and the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler was the German chancellor at the time, and the word kaput roughly translates to defeated, there is none, or it’s all over. To signal that they are now solely on our side, they screamed Hitler is kaput, which is a German word meaning Hitler is no more. 

7. Does Kaput Mean Dead?

Yes, kaput also stands for dead. Learn Dead as a Doornail or Doorknob Meaning.

8. How do You Use Kaput in a Sentence?

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You can use kaput in a sentence such as: 

  • I need a new automobile because my current car is kaput and inoperable.
  • My husband gave me a new computer for my birthday because my old laptop was Kaput.
  • Since the actor hasn’t been in a motion picture in twenty years, it is safe to infer that his acting career is Kaput
  • The port authorities informed me tonight that they will need to purchase a new dredger because the present one is almost kaput.

9. Is Kaput a Scrabble Word?

After knowing the answer to the question is kaput German or Yiddish, it’s time to learn whether is Kaput a scrabble word. The answer is yes, the term kaput is a Scrabble word. Check out the Stupid Sayings That Make No Sense.

10. What does Kaput Mean in Tagalog?

Kaput in Tagalog is Mate

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