What Attracts Mosquitoes to Humans?

Alex Williams
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  1. They feed on human blood

  2. Lactic acid attracts them

    Some compounds, such as lactic acid, which is found in human sweat attracts mosquitoes to human skin. In one experiment, lactic acid attracted 90% of mosquitoes to humans.

  3. Your genes attract mosquitoes

    It’s believed that genes play a role in attracting mosquitoes. In one experiment, identical twins got almost a similar number of mosquito bites.

  4. Movement and heat attracts them

    Movement and body heat attracts mosquitoes as well.

  5. Higher skin cholesterol

    Higher levels of cholesterol of the skin was found to be among the factors that attract mosquitoes. This can lead to more mosquito bites.

  6. Excessive uric acid

    If your skin produces excessive uric acid, you are more likely to attract mosquitoes to you. (See Why flies are so annoying?)

  7. The release of excess CO2

    It’s believed that people who release a larger amount of CO2 are more likely to attract mosquitoes.

  8. Blood type O

    The blood type O is believed to attract mosquitoes more than other blood types.

  9. Alcohol drinkers

  10. Exercising attracts mosquitoes

    Exercising produces heat, sweat and lactic acid. This makes the person who exercises very attractive to mosquitoes.

  11. Being overweight

    Being overweight or having a big body attracts mosquitoes. When a person’s body is large, he releases more carbon dioxide and so attracts more mosquitoes.

  12. High concentrations of steroids

    People who have high concentrations of steroids on their skin are more likely to attract mosquitoes. (See Why do flies sit on humans?)

  13. The smell bacteria creates

    The Bacteria on our skin helps in releasing some chemicals that creates a scent that appeals to mosquitoes.

  14. Pregnant women

    Mosquitoes are attracted to pregnant women because they release as much as 21% more carbon dioxide in late pregnancy stages.

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