What are these symbols called in English, ~, `, #, ^, *, -, {}, [], ‘, “, /, ?

What is the name of these symbol, ~, `, #, ^, *, -, {}, [], ‘, “, /, ? In English These are * called – (Asterisk), ~ (Tidle), / (Slash, stroke, solidus or virgule).

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  1. & (Ampersand)

It is a shorthand for the word “and.” In the nineteenth century, it was considered as the 27th letter of the alphabet, but later it was removed, and now it is just used informally in the registered name of businesses. For example, Marks & Spencer, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. This symbol & comes from the cursive form of the Latin word et.

  1. * (Asterisk)

It is used to call out an annotation or footnote for special terms and conditions. For example, we will refund* your money if there is any technical issue with the instrument. It is also used sometimes as a substitute for letters in a swear word or to make a name anonymous. Asterisk has various technical usages as well. This word came from the Greek term asteriskos, which means little star.

  1. ~ (Tidle)

It is also said to be wiggle and twiddle in various math lectures. Its primary usage is to compare two similar ideas or means approximately. For example, ~ 7 hours or born ~ 455 AD. It is also used to indicate an array of sounds in different languages. This name tidle comes from Latin, means title.

  1. / (Slash, stroke, solidus or virgule)

This symbol is commonly used in math for division and fractions. You would also see its usage in representing the dates, such as 12/11/2020.

  1. # (Hashtag or pound)

This symbol # is usually used with numbers, particularly in American English (For example, Question #9). You would also see this sign on standard phone keyboards well (example, please dial #121# to know international; call charges), and it is since 2007 that its usage has increased because it has been used to create social media hashtags (example, #fanclub#tbt#).

  1. ^ (Caret)

It is also called the power sign and is used to show exponents in math. For example, 5^5 = 5*5*5*5*5. While handwriting is used to denote that this is already written.

  1. Hyphen/Dash

Hyphen is used to join two or more words together into a compound term and is not separated by spaces. For example, well-known, part-time, etc. Another main usage is to explain the further subject, such as Overview- and then its further explanation.

  1. { } Curly brackets

They are used to contain two or more text lines or list items to show that they are considered a unit. In short, they are used to group ideas into one. They are also used various times in mathematical equations as well such as 3{2[5*2]} = x.

  1. [ ] Square/box brackets

They are usually used for technical explanations or to clarify meanings. In case if you remove them from the sentence, it would still make meaning; for example, He (Mr Smith) is still at the office. Square brackets are also used with parentheses to fit ideas into ideas.

  1. ‘ Single quote mark/apostrophe

It is used to show the omission of a letter or letters from the word. For example, I’ve visited them several times. In the possessive case, it is used as Kyra’s cat is missing. It is also used as a plural for lowercase letters such as, “Various people in the group were asked to mind their p’s and q’s.”

  1. ” Double quote mark

They are a pair of punctuation marks that are used mainly to mark the beginning and end of a passage attributed to another and repeated word for word. For example, “Do attend the meeting,” he said.

  1. @ (at the rate)

Who is not familiar with this symbol in today’s world. Originally it was used as an accounting shorthand; for example, 3 apples @ $4 = $12. But nowadays, it is commonly used in email addresses and social media handles, such as apx@kit.net or @fanclub.

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  1. On the processive case example of list item 10, Kyra’s cat is missing. IRL, one of Kyra’s cats are missing. So, the example on list item 10 is somehow true, due to an issue where Max, the missing cat, escaped via someone left the window open in the cat’s bathroom.


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