What are the symbols of travelling?

Alex Williams
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  1. Boots or shoes

    Boots or shoes are a symbol of the traveler. The might of the Roman army was built on walking power, symbolized by the soldier’s boot.

  2. Winged sandals

    Hermes, the Greek god of travel, wore winged sandals which enabled him to cover great distances without becoming tired. In many cultures, the traveler is wished ‘God speed’ or ‘good speed’.

  3. The horse

    The horse is the most archetypal symbol of travel. It also symbolizes power and strength.

  4. Borak

    Mohammed is said to have ascended to Heaven riding on Borak (whose name means lightning), a winged horse with a human head and a peacock’s tail.

  5. The chariot

    Chariots or ‘triumphant vehicles’ are the carriers of rulers and gods. They are also a solar symbol, connected to the sun traveling across the sky.

  6. Sailing ships, boats and canoes

    Sailing ships, boats and canoes are all used to symbolize the journey through life. In ancient Egypt, sails symbolized wind and breath, representing the fickle ‘winds of fate’ that can blow a traveler off course.

  7. The crossroads

    A crossroads marks an important point of decision. They are a place of transition, risk, opportunity, change choice and transformation. (See Why traveling is good for you?)

  8. The winding road

    A winding road symbolizes the twists and turns of the pathway through life.

  9. Cars

    Driving a car can be seen as a metaphor for an individual travelling through life in control of their direction.

  10. Motorcycles

    Motorcycles are a modern-day replacement for horses but have retained the same symbolism – freedom of movement, strength and power.

  11. Aeroplanes

    Aeroplanes are a symbol of long-distance travel and freedom, much like birds whose wings can take them anywhere they want.

  12. Traveling bag

    A hanky tied to a stick is an often-recurring symbol of picking up all a person has and leaving. Modern traveling bags are also symbols of long distance travels.

  13. Trains

    Trains are the modern symbol for distant travel and a major change in life. As they operate according to fixed rules, being late can be interpreted in terms of a person’s relationship to the world. (See Why Vacation are Important?)

  14. Public transport

    A bus or a tram is a symbol of travel and also a symbol of a person’s connection to society.

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